Trip Update!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002
Well, I didn't get a post done last night about my trip, but I did get all my photos uploaded! Most of these are of my cousins' children...they have five between the two of them! It has been six years since I have seen the older ones and this is my first time to meet the two youngest girls! We are all trying to plan a trip together in April (fingers cross that all can make it then). We have spent the first part of our lives not knowing one another b/c we were spread out all over the globe, but we are hoping to change that and for the most part it has been a successful effort! The trip was a lot of fun, though! I have done the tourist-thing out there before, so this time I just wanted to relax and enjoy being there. The only thing I really wanted to see (and thanks Ash for taking me) was West Coast Choppers...and I did!! We weren't allowed to take pictures of the back where they were working, b/c of obvious reasons. I don't think the show's producers would have like the huge sign saying NO PHOTOS was another hint!! But it was still great to go - so I went, I bought the T-Shirt!! We did go to one amusement park, too. We took the kids to Lego Land. Most of the rides there were geared to children under 12, but we able to accomodate adults for the kids who were too small to ride alone! What amazed me was the figures made entirely out of legos...and this! This is NY made entirely out of Legos. We were high up to see it all, but you can see the Statue of Liberty pretty well off to the left! Elaine you would have appreciated this part!! Otherwise, we spent a lot of time in Santa Monica at the pier, at Venice beach, out with friends, or just hanging out at home! One more thing I HAVE to share! One evening we went out for dinner and a few beers at a local hang-out. My cousin and friends warned me about it first...they said it was somewhat similar to Hooter's. Okay guys, this place is NOTHING like Hooter's! Texas Loosey's - when I first heard the name I was thinking Lucy's - as in Texas Lucy owned the place or something! No! Not even close! Our servers were girls wearing chaps and leaving little to the imagination...but the food was good, the beer was cold, and we had a good time! If you ever make it out to Torrence, as a Texan you should stop by and see what you think (said with tongue in cheek)!