Scary Yahoo Searches...

Wednesday, December 11, 2002 know I check out my referrals log and searches that lead to my site...this is one of the latest and one of the scariest!!! Nasty Baby Girls Child Screensaver??? I am not going to try to discern the meaning behind this one.

So, the week is finally over and it has been such a busy week. Next week is going to be equally as busy...and worse b/c I just found out that the co-worker who has been working with me on this project is being pulled off at the very end for about a week b/c her office is behind. Well, okay...that's fine. I can handle it, but then I find out that her supervisor is going to be taking her place. Ugh! While this woman knows the work, she is insufferable to work with. I could so easily go on and on venting about this woman, but I fear if I tried my fingers would fall off. I am sure you have worked with someone that cannot seem to understand that the world does not revolve around them. She has her own little hidden agenda. One of our offshore superintendents offices in Lafayette with her and she misleads him on so many things. This project that we have been working on for so long is finally about to materialize and I am so excited about it. All of our test cases worked out so well and the outlook is very positive, but she has him very negative about everything. And she is constantly bringing up issues that we have gone over and over and worked out many times in the past. Sometimes I honestly believe she doesn't want this project to progress b/c she wasn't the front runner on it. She was never team lead on this, but insists on acting like Miss High and Mighty, without whom we would have all failed miserably and fallen on our faces.

(Okay, I said I wasn't going to vent about her, but hell, have ya read the title of my blog!?!?!?)

Many of the roadblocks we have faced were b/c of her...she continually finds new "issues" and "concerns" fact it is a joke that her famous last words are, "Well, I just have one more concern"...but the fact of the matter is that there are continually going to be issues. Even if we get everything perfect, which never happens, there are going to be continual maintenance issues. That is just how things work. But if we waited until everything was perfect, the project would never get completed - it is much better than the one we currently have!

Ugh...okay, I have gone on enough about that. It is almost ten o'clock - I have watched NBC Thursday, Fraiser, and Just Shoot Me...I am getting sleepy and my eyes are getting tired of staring at the computer...and the tv!

Nite Nite