My Secret Santa

Friday, December 20, 2002
Well, my Secret Santa was revealed to me yesterday! And what a small world - he in one of our very own H-Town Bloggers!! He chose two items from my Wish List that I am very excited to have: Lady Cottington's Fairy Album (I read the Pressed Fairy Book and loved it, so decided to add the next one to my wish list) & the 6-cup Espresso Maker I had picked out! I can't wait to try this one out!! Ann I'll have to tell ya about this once I try it out! Thanks Cody...what great gifts (even if I did pick them out myself)!!! I was very excited when I received them in the mail. In other news: I am sorry things have been so scarce around here. Work has been crazy and every night just about there has been something going on that I wasn't able to relax for ten minutes much less sit down and write/update my blog! Things are still crazy around the office, but today is Friday and I am making myself take a small break! The work is still going to be here on Monday - plus it is five o'clock and just about everyone else has already left! The rest of this month is going to be this way b/c there is so much to do before year end. Biggest thing is the project I have written about so much! I can't wait until it is all up and running. It really is a big accomplishment for our group! Well, I have a couple of errands to run before I head out to play pool with everyone so I had better get out of here!