Sunday, December 22, 2002
Well, I thought that maybe we would be able to shut things down around here early today...not a chance! The past couple of years everyone has been able to leave around noon. Have of my division is already gone, but I'm here until five. I am planning on driving down to see the Rockets play tonight. The weather is icky, but it is better now that it was earlier.

Ugh...what a nasty entry Saturday, huh? Sorry about that - but thanks for the support from those of you who commented. It is good to sometimes vent to strangers - and friends! It is easier than keeping everything bottled up, I guess. The weekend was quite and eye-opener about some issues and while life lessons can be hard, they are worth going through if you are able to learn and grow from them.
I have one week left in this year and then have an entire trip around the sun to make sure that my next holiday season isn't like this one.

I haven't been to see the Rockets in about three years, so tonight is going to be fun!

So, everyone try to keep dry and I hope Santa is good to you tomorrow night!