Great evenings...

Wednesday, December 04, 2002
Ah...miso soup, a california roll, a spider roll, two pieces unagi, and now my warm PJs and house-shoes, a fleece throw, and must see tv - looks like the makings of a perfect evening!!!

A co-worker and I were supposed to go for sushi during lunch today, but our plans changed...though my taste-buds were still craving sushi. So, after work tonight I stopped by the sushi bar at Benihana for dinner. I like to sit at the bar so that I can watch the chefs preparing the sushi. One, Ly, asked me if I wanted to learn how to make it! I think that would be fun to do. Leisure Learning usually has classes for that. I don't know when I would have the time, though. The way things have been lately I am too busy! Maybe after the holidays that would be a good project for me.

I have a current project to work on actually. I was sort of deemed coordinator for our big family Christmas get-together this year - 60+ people. So, besides sending out emails to everyone with dates and who was bringing what, I also asked that this year everyone (adults) bring homemade gifts. Every year, we bring white elephant and play the game - you pick a gift and the next person can either take yours or choose a new one. I am sure you know the game. But instead of brining a white-elephant gift I thought it would be fun to bring homemade gifts this time. While I had a perfect idea for mine, I have since decided to use that for a gift for someone else - so now I am stuck about what to make. Also, I plan things for the kids to do. Last year my niece and I planned a scavenger hunt for them and had goodie bags for everyone. This year we are taking pinatas and goodie bags...I don't know what else we are going to do, though.

Another addition to this year's get-together is that everyone is going to bring something to donate to Ronald McDonald House Charities. It started as just a toy drive, but now I have found, from speaking to a rep at the RMHC, that the House has a Wish List posted on their website. So, now I have sent that list out to everyone. If anyone doesn't want to donate toys, there are many other things they can bring to donate instead. Also, the lady at the House put me in touch with a reporter at the Houston Chronicle who is doing an article about families choosing alternative gift-giving for their family gatherings. I thought that if they saw the article it would be a great way to get my them excited about this project and maybe we could turn this donation into an annual event at our Christmas parties!

Honestly...this is the first Christmas that I have looked forward to in a long time.