Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Five More Days...Five More Days...

until I can say good-bye to this wretched year! I'll admit not all things that happened this year were bad...and it was definitely THE YEAR for some people. My niece who got married and is now going to have a baby. My sister who moved to a new home. Kenny and Elaine bought a new house, as did Susan and Oskar. And for me, too...we moved to our new office and I moved into a new apartment. These are good things, but there has also been a lot of disappointment this year and it just keeps on coming. I am waiting for a streak of non-disappointing days to arrive. Are ya out there??? Huh??? My theme for this year seems to be "Let Down"...I'll have to agree that yesterday's quote is most definitely being put to the test.

Tonight is going to be so busy...not only do I have to pack b/c I'm heading to Broaddus after work tomorrow, but I also have last minute gifts to buy, pinata fillers, and the things I need to make my home-made gift for our gift exchange. It was my idea to make home-made gifts this year and I have put it off to the last possible moment!! Typical!

This feels like the holiday/year that will not end. It is hard to believe it is already over, but yet it isn't over, and it isn't over, and it isn't over!! But New Year's is less than a week away (keep saying that...five more days, five more days) at which time we're going to have an amazing New Year's Party and say good-bye royally to this year!!

Did I mention that it got c-c-cold outside this week. Started Monday night...and the temperature has continued to drop. I went out for lunch (Indian today) and was chilled to the bone. Brrr...

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