End of Christmas???

Wednesday, December 25, 2002
Well, THE DAY is almost over, but there is still Christmas to come. I haven't really felt the Christmas Spirit this year, but I cannot blame that on a lack of Christmas celebrations: 1)Christmas at work, 2)Christmas at Roberts (where my Secret Santa was very good to me), 3)Early Christmas with my parents, 4)Christmas Eve and Day w/ my sister and her family, and still to come 5)Christmas in Broaddus w/ my family and with Dennon. Whew...sounds tiring just writing it all out! Well, tonight it is just me, though. Which is a necessity b/c I have so much work to do tonight and tomorrow. Tonight there is laundry to be done (in progress), the kitchen and dining room to be cleaned (half-way there) and tomorrow I STILL have last minute Christmas shopping to do. A friend is coming up to assist me in this endeavor tomorrow. Maybe an fresh perspective will be the inspiration I need to finally find a gift for those hard to buy for on my list!! I hope anyway, b/c this is my last chance before I leave for East Texas. The game on Monday was fun. During the game the weather outside decided to take a nasty turn and Elaine and I were parked a few blocks from the stadium. We thought we were trapped, but being two damsesl in distress I called upon my knight in shining armor to come and rescue us. Okay, so that was sappy...we weren't really in distress and the rain did stop about fifteen minutes later, but it was still nice to be rescued - sort of!!! :) So, after the game the three of us went to Slick Willies to play some pool and Elaine and I exchanged our gifts. In addition to my great christmas gift from Elaine, I also received a house warming gift!! I'll have a picture up later, but it is a throw pillow for my couch that says, "YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY BEST FRIEND, YOU KNOW TOO MUCH" - hee hee, I should have given this one to Elaine...she definitely knows most of my secrets!!!! I would post a link to the gift I gave her, but it has been retired so the link is also gone. It is a Milefiori frog to add to her collection, one with a little fish in its stomach. Very cute! Tuesday was spent piddling (being lazy and playing) for the most part - my knight came back to see me and we spent the day just hanging out - downloading music and then going to lunch - before I went to my parents house. My father didn't think he was going to be home for Christmas (that's why the early Christmas), but it turned out that he was able to be here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, even though he had to leave at 11:00 AM today. My entire life his job has demanded that he spend some holidays on the other side of the globe from home...now at times, it keeps him in this hemisphere, but out in the Gulf instead. It is much easier, though, b/c when the chance comes he can return home for a day or two before he has to be back at work. Couldn't do that if he were in Russia or Africa somewhere!! All in all, this has been a good holiday season so far. I am anxious to see my grandmother this weekend - and the rest of my family. We had another reason to celebrate this holiday season. My niece who was married in April has just found out that she is going to have a baby!!! She is announcing it to the rest of the family this weekend in Broaddus. Those of us who know are pretty excited and it is hard to keep it secret until she can tell everyone else - no they won't find out from here. None of my family reads my blog - my parents do every once in a while and sometimes Hailey (my niece), but I think that's it. Besides, Saturday everyone will know anyway!! Okay, I have taken a long enough break from my cleaning duties tonight and the night is growing shorter and shorter...so I better get back to work!! Have a good night everyone and I hope your holiday was a blessing to you.