Monday, December 16, 2002

Early Christmas

New toys... Mother and daddy and I had an early Christmas tonight. Dad is going to work on Wednesday and is going to be gone during Christmas so we decided to exchange our presents early! So after work today I drove out to their house and we had presents and dinner. I was exhausted on the drive home, but as soon as I got here I had to install my tablet. When I was in college that was all I used, art minor. I don't even remember if we had a mouse in the art department building. Ever since, I have wanted another one. I like using the pen a lot better than the mouse, although this particular tablet came with a wireless mouse. So depending on the application I can switch for easier use! Okay...I have installed the software, played with the pen a while, written up about tonight - now I am tired again! My eyes are getting heavy, so I am going to go to bed! Good night...

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