Monday, November 04, 2002

What's good about Mondays...

Well, since everything is icky outside, the good thing about this Monday is that it is exactly a week away from me seeing Maya Angelou at Jones Hall with Elaine! Back in September Elaine bought us tickets to see her for my birthday - and it's finally getting to be time. She really is pretty awesome to listen to...I have heard her speak before on television and read some of her writings, but have never seen her in person. So this is going to be a treat. I don't know if it more what she says when listening to her, or just how she presents herself and her writings that I like about her. She just seems like such a remarkable woman. You can read a lot about her here on her official website. Other than that, it is just another Monday around here...foggy and soggy and gray. Bleh! I hope the forecast is correct and that it isn't raining this weekend. We are all planning on going to The Renaissance Festival and I don't want to have to trek through the mud and muck all day long (although there are certain performances that consist solely of that very event)! Tomorrow and Wednesday will be a bit more eventful b/c I'll get to be out of the office for a couple of days. I don't have to travel so much these days for work so I don't get out of the office as much, but this week I have a Basic Petroleum Industry Course with some of my co-workers so we'll be out of the office together some! That's always good and I am looking forward to these courses. Baker Hughes puts them on throughout the year. Besides driving to the other side of town, I think it is going to be a good experience!

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