A Visitor for Dinner

Friday, November 15, 2002
Last night Elaine and I went out to a restaurant we had never been to before...Floridita. No, not THAT one, there is one in Houston. The dinner was rather tasty, but that isn't what prompted me to write about it today. It was our dinner guest! (I really hate that I didn't bring my camera along for this one) After we finished our meal a bright green grasshopper flew over to our table and promptly landed on the remaining complimentary bread that was sitting in front of us. It then proceeded to ignore its companions (us) and started to either 1)bathe itself or 2)devour our bread! We couldn't tell just what it was doing. So, to get a closer look, Elaine picked up the saucer and we examined it more closely...I was afraid at this point he (or she) would just flutter away again, but instead it just kinda froze and stared back at us! Upon returning the plate to the table, the grasshopper then proceeded with its bath! We picked up the bread another time or two to look in on our friend, but I guess his modesty began to show b/c he jumped off the bread and onto the pepper shaker, where he stayed a brief moment. Then flittered up into the lights and around my head for a bit. Elaine then pointed out to me that he was now resting gently on MY dinner plate!!! Good thing I was already finished with my meal. He quickly bored with my seared tuna and flew to our neighbor's table. But I guess they weren't as good a host as Elaine and I were b/c the waiter promptly removed him to the water garden that was outside where we were sitting. Yeah, guess I should have stated in the beginning that we were dining outside...I don't want the health department coming down on the restaurant thinking they have insects fluttering around in the kitchen!!

If I win my bid for this little digital then I won't find myself in such an amusing scenario without something to record the events forever via photography and will be able to share them with the cyberworld!