Potpourri - Part Two

Tuesday, November 19, 2002
1. Long or short hair? Long hair 2. Microwave or conventional oven? Zap it...microwave. But honestly, if I am cooking for more than myself I use the conventional oven 3. Plain or Peanut M&M's? Plain 4. "101 Dalmations"...animated or live-action version? Animated, it's what I grew up with 5. Drink out of bottle/can or pour into a glass?Glass if it came in a can, otherwise I don't mind drinking out of the bottle 6. Sunlight or moonlight? Moonlight 7. Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy? Kermit, MP is too dramatic...I don't like drama although sometimes it seems to follow me 8. Glasses or contact lenses (or neither)? Glasses occasionally 9. Action movies or chick flicks? Mmmm...I like Action, but occassionaly fall for a chick flick 10. Toilet seat...up or down ?DOWN Tuesday's This or That