A great night...

Monday, November 11, 2002
Elaine and I saw Maya Angelou tonight and it was so great. Thanks Elaine!! Before going to Jones Hall Elaine and I planned to eat sushi downtown. Since I arrived earlier I went to Market Square Grille to have a cup of coffee...which turned into conversation with the bartender and the only other patron in the the place. It was quite interesting, though. Since we frequent Mkt. Sq. the bartender and I talked about the last time we were there and somewhere the conversation turned into anti-depressants and all three of us had stories to tell...yeah, it was a conversation that hit all the high points!

I really wish my grandmother was able to hear Maya Angelou sometime as well. Grannie is a great writer and poet herself and I think she would have enjoyed hearing what she had to say. You know it is one thing to read the works of a great author, but to actually sit and listen to them talk either about their lives or their works is another thing. And she was all that I expected and a bit more actually! She had a great sense of humor to her as well that I hadn't expected.

I have recorded quite a bit of my grandmother's writings as well. She wrote a book last year as a matter of fact on the history of our church in Broaddus which we had printed for the church's 97th anniversary. Next year is the church's 100th anniversary and I believe she is going to be added to the book to have it ready in time for the anniversary. Her poetry is also something that I cherish. Every year on my b'day and other holidays as well, there is always a new poem included in the cards that my grandmother sends me. I have kept all of them over the years and hope to put them all together in a book one of these days. Last year I gave her a book to write in and asked to have it back once she had filled the pages. She truly is a remarkable woman and I like to read her writings and hear her tell about her life and experiences. She qualifies as someone who has had a truly Truly Unique Life and Experiences in my opinion.