The Evening's Endeavors

Saturday, November 16, 2002
Sigh...relaxing to be back at home after journeying in The Woodlands for the evening. I headed out with the intention of going to see a movie (a friend I had once told me that going to see a movie alone was pretty awesome). Well, I don't know when you went to the movies last on a Saturday evening, but the theater was over-run with teenagers!!! The line was down the street!!!! I decided it wasn't worth fighting the crowd...tomorrow evening might be a better time.

So, I left the theater and went to Best Buy. There were several things I wanted to check out, but ended up buying a couple of CDs instead (Eminem and Pink's new releases) and a back-up module for my visor. I also ran into a couple of family friends while there.

Then I headed to Barnes and Noble where I bought a new book - yeah, I thought I would attempt to learn something new. I was there for over an hour reading through various books and listening to the conversations of three people reading through Sci-Fi books and discussing whether or not we really went to the moon and whether or not there were aliens who were here on earth masquerading as humans and on and on and was very entertaining to say the least. What was even more interesting was the fact that the two women of the group were mother and daughter.

When I left B&N I was a bit hungry so I headed over to Skewers to get some grape leaves. And for dessert I went for coffee at Starbucks. While ordering my coffee I also thought I would get something sweet. Inspired by our own BigPinkCookie I thought I would try on of their Big Pink Cookies! Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it and my capuccino!

Last Thursday before going to dinner with Elaine I stopped at Pier One. Since I really don't think I'll ever build a fire in my fireplace I bought a candle holder to put in my fireplace. I haven't bought candles for it yet, though. I didn't want to buy $10 candles at Pier One...since I would need eight of them I figured I could find some more affordable pillar candles somewhere else!!!

So, now my journey for the evening has me watching Enemy Mine. When I was younger my sister had this tape at her house and I watched this movie over and over with my nieces and nephews! Now I am watching it on AMC. Y'know, I always thought this station was for old movies, but since this movie came out when I was a kid it can't be it must just be a channel for great movies!!! ;)

Actually the movie just finished and now Lars, James, and Kirk are serenading me. So, I think I'll lay down on the couch for a while and flip channels since it is passed midnight now and I am beginning to get tired. (Hmmm...if you haven't seen the video for Enter Sandman, it's a trip.)

P.S. - I also found a book at B&N that I wanted...I added it to my wish list. It's the lost manuscripts of Lady Cottington! I bought the first one a while back and read it aloud one Sunday to my mother.