Saturday, November 02, 2002


Last night after we played pool (where our waitresses were still in the Halloween mood) we went downtown for dinner. I had seen a sushi restaurant near Market Square Bar and Grill that I wanted to try. It turned out to be a great sushi experience!! Being just around the corner from Mkt Sq was also a plus b/c that is one of our favorite places to congregate and conversate and we hadn't been there in a while! While there I played around with my camera and took a few of which is posted on MyPhotoBlog.

There was a lot of conversation about our trip to Spain; about Kenny's Surprise Party; watched the drunk chick at the bar yell at her husband and then flirt with everyone else in the bar after he left; learned how much Tivo costs; and also came to the conclusion that two of the three guys in the latest Bailey's commercial were gay b/c they "hugged" differently than straight guys (which was illustrated to us)! Conclusion: It was a good evening and especially nice b/c of the cold weather. Winter is coming to Houston!

Tonight we're going to Anderson Fair to hear Mike sing. I have heard one of their CDs, but have yet to hear them sing live, so I am anxious to see them tonight.

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