Sunday, October 06, 2002


We had so much fun last night...and I'm paying today. I'm so tired. Today though I will get my oil changed. I didn't get it done yesterday...I also have to go grocery shoppig today. Interview with a Vampire is on this morning. I haven't seen this movie in such a long time. It would be easy after last night to simply lie here on the couch and finish watching it! I'm such a procastinator. I'm also taking Defensive Driving Online that I have to finish this week. Tomorrow we're going to mother's to have my sister's birthday dinner and the rest of the week I think there is something going on so I think I'll bully through and complete it tonight. They are at the scene in the movie where Tom Cruise turns Kristen Durnst into a vampire. I remember reading these books in HS. One of my classmates read the entire set of Vampire Chronicles, by Ann Rice. I listened to The Vampire LeStat on tape on a business trip, but I didn't enjoy it as much. It's thundering outside now...we have a slight front coming in over the next week. It will be nice to enjoy some cooler weather. It's October and we're still wearing shorts! It's crazy! I can remember when we were kids and in September I couldn't have swimming parties for my birthdays b/c it was too cold. Now we could continue to swim nearly until November! The limbs are blowing around outside; I can hear the thunder...if it's gonna rain, come on! I have always loved bad weather. When I was in HS we lived on two and a half acres on the lake and had a big deck outside where mother and I used to sit and watch the lightening storms. The reflection on the lake was so beautiful. And we had a sunroom on the deck and when the rains would start we would sit inside and watch from there. I have a big, nice balcony here that I can watch from as well, but there is quite a difference watching it out over the lake as opposed to watching it out over the city!

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