Monday, October 28, 2002

Watch the roads...they're wet!

We have been watching a wreck outside on I-45. Someone apparently hydroplaned and somehow ended up facing the wrong way on the freeway and flipped up on one side. It looked pretty bad. A lot of people up here have binoculars so I borrowed a pair and watched the emergency crew work to get the driver out of the car. Now, I know that we gripe about people who rubber-neck, but watching from here isn't stopping traffic so I didn't think it would hurt. It is amazing to see what happens when someone has a wreck...and by amazing I am referring to the number of wreckers that are immediately on the scene. At one time I counted FOURTEEN wreckers at the accident site. Unbelievable! So, not only were the cars that were trying to pass slowing to see what was going on and backing up traffic, but the sheer number of wreckers speeding to get passed the cars and be the one to haul away the wrecked vehicle was also a big factor in traffic coming to a stand-still. From up here we can see quite a distance and the traffic was backed up so far that I couldn't see where it was a parking lot that went on for miles and miles! There was only on vehicle involved in the accident and for the most part it was off to the side of the road, but b/c of all the emergency response vehicles, which were few compared to the wreckers, the entire feeder was blocked off. We were able to make out the person that they pulled from the automobile through the binoculars and it appeared that the person was conscious and alright, b/c once they got her (I think it was a female) into the back of the ambulance they didn't leave right away. They stayed for a good bit before driving off and then didn't even turn on the lights or sirens...conclusion drawn: She wasn't hurt too badly! Traffic is just now getting back into the groove...and I am not going to get on a soap box (not a big one anyway) about the wreckers and how I feel about their reckless driving and speeding to get to the wreck site. Oh, did I also mention that at one point they all took off running up the freeway to get into their trucks and then sped off again?? We assumed that another wreck happened somewhere else and that one of the others had already been selected to haul away this automobile!

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