Thursday, October 17, 2002

Strange happenings...

Okay, I'm still sick...and again, I'm at work! I can't hear today! Everything sounds so muffled... Anyway, parents are strange...yesterday before I left work I called to talk to my mother. C'mon when you're sick don't you want maternal sympathy -WELL YOU WON'T GET IT FROM MY MOTHER!!! Granted she'll tell me what medicine to take, but it's like, "Take the medicine, get well, and get back to work." As I stated before, she was a nurse so she is rather nonchalant when it comes to illness. Regardless I still would feel better when I'm sick if she is around...or at least on the phone. (Yeah, I'm close to her...) So, around 4:30 I decided I can't take anymore, shut down my computer, and leave the office behind for my pajamas, my couch, and plenty of warm blankets...I was freezing! So, about 5:30 my phone rings. Me: "Hello" - in my most pathetic sounding voice. Dad: "Do you have any coffee made?" Me: "No, I haven't moved...why?" - again in my pathetic sounding voice. Dad: "We thought we would come over...see how you were feeling." Me: "Okay, I'll put on some coffee..." - still sounding pathetic..."and bring 'O Brother Where Art Thou..." Dad: (laughing) "Okay, we'll see you shortly." So, about an hour later (they stopped to buy me drugs) they showed up at my door. Now, you don't understand the importance of this appearance. It takes an act of congress to get my parents out to my apartment (which most people pray for) and my dad would rather be home than anywhere!! So it was nice that they drove out and came to see me and watch a movie. Of course, though, as soon as the movie was over dad was ready to go home! I didn't mind was already after nine o'clock! And they also brought Chinook with them. I hate that I can't keep him at my apartment, I just don't like the idea of him locked up all day while I'm at work. At my parents' house he has free reign and there is someone with him all day long and I know he appreciates that!

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