Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Some things are just too cute...

Tee Hee... Once when I was in college I went shopping at the mall with a friend of mine. We ended up in the toy store...I don't remember which one. We wondered up and down all the aisles, played with various toys, found toys that we had played with as kids, and then I found the cutest baby doll I have ever seen! Growing up I had a hammock hanging in one corner of my room and it was filled with stuffed animals. I had a huge collection of them and those that know me today know that I have a couple that still hang out on my bed! This particular baby doll that I found at the toy store was tiny. It just fit inside two hands and had on a little dress, but it wasn't her appearance that was so cute. She had a voice...a laugh actually. And when you squeezed her the cutest sound of a child's laughter came out of her! It was so adorable and I wanted to buy the doll so badly. Thinking back I can't remember why I didn't buy it...the friend that was with me was my best friend who is a male and he probably told me that I didn't need it! He was right (if that is what happened), but I still think it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. You know, I am not "girlie" now, but growing up I had tons of dolls...of all kinds. Yes, including Barbie, along with her three story house with elevator, swimming pool, beauty salon, corvette, horses, work-out center...my niece had the McDonalds. My brothers and sisters were all out of the house by the time I was old enough to really play, so for the most part I entertained myself with Barbie and all her friends! Other dolls that were a big part of my childhood were Dumbo (a pink elephant my father bought for me when I was one that is still on my bed today), Annie (a little doll with a yellow dress that was carried around so much she is rather tattered today), Rainbow Brite, Care Bears, Popples...just to name a few. (You would have thought growing up with all that I would be more "girlie", huh?)

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