Friday, October 11, 2002

Party Preparations is going to be interesting! Tomorrow is the bachelorette party for a friend from work that I am unfortunately going to have to miss, so instead, I am going shopping for party gifts/favors for the event with another friend during lunch today!! Out in this neck of the woods you don't find too many "stores" for these sort of a matter of fact to my knowledge there is only one. Okay, there you go...I posted a I mean...dirty link!!! My fans should be proud! So, what are we looking for?? Hmmm...item number one: a phallic-shaped cake pan! Don't think Wilton keeps that one in stock! I was thinking "little ken doll on a bear-skin rug" type of cake...but that wasn't what party planners had in mind, so we're off to hunt for a more memorable cake pan!! Should be rather interesting. Other items to buy?? Well, I think we are just going to go and see what is in stock! Our bride to be is on the more conservative side, but I think she has conceded to the wishes of the bachelorette-party gods and is going to get a little wild tomorrow night! I really wish I could be there to see our quiet little bachelorette when she sees what all the evening has in store for her!! I'm sure I'll get the full report come Monday morning, though!!! Update: Well, we went to the "store" during lunch and spent nearly $100 on toys/prizes/games for the bachelorette party!! Like I said, our bride-to-be is somewhat on the shy side so I can't wait to see the pics of tomorrow night! Everyone is going to have a good time...there were several things in there that had us saying, "What the @#$%$???" Well, it's back to work now :( OOPS! I forgot to say that we decided against the cake was pretty expensive so the hostess decided she would buy several "toys" that's why we ended up spending $100 on a lot of "stuff" instead of just the cake pan! It was; however, anatomically correct...FOR A BROBDINGNAGIAN!!!!

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