Saturday, October 05, 2002

My Saturday

Well, let's see, the plan was to get my internet hooked up this morning - done; change my oil - not done; return things and buy jeans at the mall - not done; meet Kim (where is she) - obviously not done; come home and get ready to go out with Sean, Alice, Johnny, and whoever else is joining us tonight - still to be done. What have I been doing then? Well, got online and ended up talking to Mike for a long time, btw thanks for the conversation...and the links!!! Got my laptop set up - since it hasn't been online in quite a while it didn't have any of my favorites set up! First things first ya know!!! Fought with FrontPage (a battle I didn't win), cleaned the kitchen and bedroom, and am now doing laundry...well, writing about it while it's washing! I could still make it to the mall, but by the time I showered, washed and dryed my hair it would be after you know how many teenagers will be in the mall on a Saturday night??? No thank you... Yeah, so it takes me an hour to wash and dry my is long, thick, and curly...translation: a lot of maintenance!! I've gone through more than a couple blow-dryers!!! Anyway, now I think I'll just finish cleaning around here before meeting everyone and get my oil changed tomorrow. I was looking at my referrals (which I do quite often) and saw that someone did a search for "Pictures of cras and girls"...hmmm, I take a lot of pics and talk about them a lot, so it isn't a big deal, but can someone tell me what "cras" is supposed to be!?!? I'll have to see is Sean knows what it is tonight! Well, gotta change the laundry soon so I want to finish the kitchen before I get back to doing the laundry!

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