Friday, October 04, 2002

Missed Opportunities...

I don't know why I let things like this happen. I'm in a restaurant with co-workers for lunch (or shopping, running errands, out with friends...insert your own favorite scenario) when I see someone and instantly make a "connection" with them. You don't know what it is, but you and this person just can't seem to take your eyes off one another - oh, and just for the record, I don't believe in love at first is just two people who seem to spark with one another. So get on with the story already!!! Okay, Okay... It's lunch-time and some co-workers and I decided to try out a new restaurant in the area. We order, are sitting and eating, having good conversation, and over the shoulder of a co-worker I suddenly make eye contact with, well, I don't know his name - another patron at the restaurant. Obviously there for his lunch break as well...and thus begins a meal of seeing one another more than those sitting at the table with us. I get up to get a refill: smile and nod. He gets up: smile and nod. And back and forth...until his party is ready to leave. They all get up to walk out and he is the last to leave, walking slowly out past our table, letting the others go ahead as we continue to smile, stare, and silently have our own conversation. Now he's out the door, but turns around and continues to look back into the restaurant as his friends get the car...they sit in the car for a while...finally drives away and at this point he waves good-bye. Now, if this were like any other missed opportunity it wouldn't be a big deal, but while in the parking lot I noticed that attached to his belt was a company badge from my company!!! So, now I have to know that he works here...somewhere, but in a company that employees over 2000 people spread out over three, wait, five building (two have minimal staff) the chances are slim of seeing him again. Or I could run into him tonight on my way frustrating is this going to be!?!?! Sheesh!!!!

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