Friday, October 18, 2002

Hooray for Drugs!!

After a few days my drugs have finally started working (taking this & this) and I am beginning to feel so much better!!! Another day and all will be well!! Yay! Last night I had so many dreams and I woke up several times during the night thinking about them, but when I finally woke to actually get out of bed and come to work I couldn't remember anything that I dreamed last night. I like to be able to recall my escapades of slumber. When I can't remember I feel like I have lost something. When I was little I used to have the same nightmare all the time. I am almost embarrassed to say what it was about, but I will. It was about the Mona Lisa, well not entirely, but she was a big part and the only part that I could relate to reality. Go ahead, laugh!! I put myself out there, but it's true. Why the Mona Lisa? Hell, I don't know...I was a kid, she looked scary back then. Don't try to analyze was just a kid's nightmare, but I had it so often that I was able to wake myself up when I saw her face. I know, I's strange, but I am sure that you have had weird dreams or nightmares repeatedly - haven't you??? (Why am I's my blog damnit)

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