Thursday, October 03, 2002

The Homeless Guy...

A while back I added a link to a blog called The HomelessGuy and have been reading it pretty faithfully. Many times in reading I'll leave a comment or two, which can lead people back to my blog, or give access to my email address. About a week or so ago I received an email from a reporter at USA Today expressing an intereste in Kevin's (The HomelessGuy) blog and wondering if I would be willing to talk to her about it. At first I was a bit hesistant, b/c honestly I have had mixed emotions about Kevin. He seems so intelligent and is very articulate and capable...and well, seem capable of not being homeless. When I read his blog I don't get the image of the homeless man that lives under the overpass in downtown Houston. I mean, he goes to the symphony, he serves on several committees for the homeless, he has a family (two children), he is intelligent enough to spend time in the library and learned how to code HTML and create his own Weblog, which he spends time on daily and connects with people thousands of miles from him and draws media attention. No, I'm sorry, that isn't what I envision when I think of homeless people...and frankly I didn't feel sorry for him, but I thought I should. This is where I was wrong. Kevin wasn't asking for all. He isn't really asking for anything except to share his life and to make people see things...well, life through different eyes. I understand that now, but it was hard for me b/c I think Smart:Capable; Capable:Employeed; Employeed:Not Homeless - which I guess isn't always the reality of the world that we live in. The article about Kevin came out today. Rev. Charles Strobel is quoted as saying that people want to see homelessness as a black and white issue and I guess I would fall into that category with the way of thinking I was following. Kevin may not be the stereotypical homeless person, but then how many do you know. I don't know any. Never have...he is the first one that I have really interacted with. In actuality his efforts to share this point of view with the world are to be applauded. No, I won't give money blindly through his PayPal button, as I have told him, but there are other ways to help out - and I have asked for suggestions from Kevin and he talks about ways in his blog. I probably won't do a turn-around and become a do-gooder for the homeless now b/c of reading his blog and many others who are equally as inspired as I am probably won't either, but there are still ways to help out. And I do know that I see my own life in a different light, which I count as a positive gain from reading Kevin's blog.

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