Tuesday, October 01, 2002

High in the clouds...er...fog

I can't see anything out the window today...well, except for the column that is always there. I am up on the 28th floor with a window office that faces downtown and today I can't even see the street below!!!!!!! I can see the ledge below...but everything else is solid white! There is fog everywhere today! Yesterday was so terrible...I had so much work to do and had such a headache. I muddled through and was here until five working...but it wasn't pleasant! I wasn't pleasant! I still have today and tomorrow until three o'clock to finish the template that I have been working on. My plan was to go home yesterday and not move for the rest of the evening...didn't happen. I had laundry to do and dinner to cook. I bought tofu the other day at the grocery store, b/c I really enjoy it when our chef downstairs makes it...so I thought I would give it a try. Well, I think I need to experiment some more...I seasoned and stir-fried with veggies, but didn't like it. There are tons of recipe sites out there for it though, so I am not giving up. Well, b/c my head was still hurting I really didn't feel like going to any more effort for dinner...so out went the veggies and I simply reached for some potatoes to cook...fast, easy, no thought into it and I spent the rest of the evening on the couch - with the exception of the doing a load of laundry, which I would have left another day, but I was running low on under-garments!! ;) Anyway...it ends up that didn't go to sleep until after eleven. My headache started to subside and I couldn't sleep so I began flipping channels. And lately at night I have been ending up on the Discovery Channel watching Jesse James either at his shop making bikes or on Monster Garage. I don't know the first thing about metal work or engines or any of that (although I do love motorcycles), but I the show is awesome!! So interesting...and entertaining! Hey, it's a lot better than flipping and ending up on The Anna Nicole Show and not being able to change the channel! That is like watching a train wreck...you don't want to look, but can't seem to change the channel. Luckily I haven't flipped past her show in weeks...I don't know what her ratings are doing right now, but I imagine they are fading. She just bores to you to tears! I had heard about Jesse James from a couple of friends a few weeks back, but had never seen it...now I have seen it a few times. I am usually too sleepy to watch all of it, though. I saw the bikes that he made for Shaq and Goldberg - Goldberg's bike was delivered to him at the bike-rally in Sturgis. I had heard of this before, but didn't really know anything about it. It looked wild... Okay, I'm not a biker-babe wannabe - just found an interesting show to watch and thought I would share... In other news...well, there really isn't other news. I have recouped from my weekend away, but I'll be returning to Broaddus on the 12th for my Aunt and Uncle's Open House. I am very proud that they are finally into their house. They have been building for almost a year I think. My uncle has done most of the work. This is their retirement house and it is very beautiful! They have two (maybe three) ponds on the property, which is four acres. There really hasn't been a lot of landscaping done yet, b/c they are still doing finishing touches on the house itself. I'm sure once all that is done, my aunt will get him working on the landscaping for her! Well, I am avoiding the inevitable...there is work to be done!

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