Monday, October 14, 2002

Getting back to my roots...

Can you guess what this creature is!?!? OKay, so I wasn't raised on a farm, but was raised in a farming town!! And this weekend I got to see the local wildlife up close and personal. I also got to see Parker this weekend. He is always such a happy baby!!! The weekend was good...a lot of time spent with family and friends...and dancing! After spending the day at my aunt and uncle's new home (Open House) with all the family, I went out to one of the places we used to frequent during college with friends! Mel McDaniel was there on Saturday night so there was a big crowd. It's fun to go back and see people you haven't seen in a long...and meet some new ones ;) Sunday was a long day...mainly b/c it started the night before I guess. I think that will have to suffice as my yearly "wild night out"!! OH - the weather was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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