Thursday, October 24, 2002


Well, things appear to be back up and running! Not a big deal...just irritating! It is another dreary looking day outside my window. Yesterday it cleared up in the afternoon. I hope it does today, too! There is so much going on this weekend and I am not ready for all of it! Yesterday I finally started to get things done...a friend is in town so he and I had dinner last night and then I drug him shopping with me for Pumpkins (Pumpkin carving party Friday night) and for elements of my costume (Halloween party Saturday night after a housewarming party that afternoon). Nope! I am not going to reveal my outfit! You'll just have to wait until the pictures get posted!! And speaking of pics - my Theme Thursday won't be up until later tonight. That was something I didn't get to last night...but I will tonight!

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