Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Daily Accomplishments:

Workwise: Not-a-lot... Otherwise: Well, I worked on my blog (links and such), helped Kim get her site up and going. She has had the site for a while, but hasn't been posting b/c she didn't have it looking right, so we worked on it some...put her on a couple of webrings for exposure, added comments, a couple of contact buttons (it's a partner blog), and a few little things! Yay! Now she's up and posting! Or will be soon enough... Tomorrow is my close @ four o'clock. Am I ready? Well, ask me that tomorrow morning. I did a lot of work yesterday on my templates...most of the work. Today all I really had to do was add some coding, but I don't think (hope) that will take me long tomorrow morning and I'll be able to upload everything well before four o'clock. Which would be good...especially if I run into any problems. Sheesh! I work better under pressure, though! Those who know me know this about me...or maybe I just think that about myself!?!? **pondering the thought that maybe I shouldn't put things off so much** Anyway...so now it is almost five (twenty minutes till) and my parents want me to come over for dinner tonight. See this is why it was better working out in the mornings...so that when things came up in the evenings it was alright. But I'm going to their house, b/c this was the third attempt my father has made today to get me out to the house. Earlier it was b/c he wanted me to be out there if the weather got back (note: beautiful blue skies outside my window) and then something else **I forget** and finally mother is making a new dish...I think he wants me to come over. So I said I would...ick, have to make that drive to the other side of Houston. Isn't that why I relocated closer to the office? To avoid that commute??? Well, too late now, I have said I was coming and I hate it when people back out on me so I am not going to back out on my parents...

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