Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Cough Cough

Yeah, that's right...I think I'm getting sick. And tonight I learned a good lesson. You shouldn't eat your favorite foods when you're catching a cold. It makes the food taste badly and you don't want to have a memory of your favorite foods not tasting rightl. (Steven Tyler and Pink are singing a duet on the VH1 Fashion Awards - this is the first time I have seen them together since I found out they were a couple.) Anyway...back to my dinner experience - everyone knows sushi is my favorite meal. Well, tonight after I worked out I came home, showered, dressed, twisted my still partially wet hair up, grabbed something to read, and headed for the sushi restaurant to enjoy a good meal...wrong. When you're sick (or getting sick) nothing tastes like it should, but I ate what I could and with the waitresses suggestion took the rest with me. I don't like to take sushi home b/c that's just something that should be eaten fresh, but she told me that it could be kept in the fridge and then put into the microwave to cook the food...hmmm, I don't know about that. I took it with me, but I think tomorrow instead of going into the microwave, my take-home will most likely end up in the dumpster as I leave for work. After my meal I did something I don't do that often...I ordered dessert. Tempura ice-cream - sushi places only serve ice-cream for dessert I have found. The time spent was enjoyable even though the meal itself wasn't. I took a Maya Angelou book with me and read several chapters while sipping my green tea. (Update: Steven Tyler is now onstage and just thanked his wife - so I guess he and Pink aren't a couple - I'm confused.) So, tonight I am going to wrap up tightly and keep warm b/c otherwise I might just be calling is sick tomorrow morning...hmmm, maybe I should wet my hair again and sleep under the fan. I'm kidding...I'm only kidding! Actually I have yet to call in sick once since I started this job...that's pretty awesome. I think I have left early once or twice b/c my migraines, but that's it. Even in HS the only time I remember being home sick was the last part of my junior year I became very sick and missed a couple of days. Hey, I grew up with a nurse for a motherl...if you weren't bleeding to death, then you were okay!!! (Which meant I never got to stay home from school).

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