Thursday, October 03, 2002

Back Online...

So, I moved recently and haven't hooked up internet or phone at the house be honest I don't believe I am going to get a "land-line". I'm always on my cell anyway and people already have that number so why confuse everyone...anyway! I wanted to get a cable modem, but Charter Communications is the only provider in the area and they aren't the cheapest. I wanted to sit through at least one month of bills to see how much $$$ I was going to have left to play on...turns out plenty! Anyway, I'm at my parents and my dad tells me, "Why don't you just get a phone line and get EV1 dial-up or something like spend most of your time on the computer at work anyway. You won't be on it that much at home. Save some money and then you'll have a phone line at home." (It really bothers him that I don't have one...) So, I think about this for a while and almost about to cave when today I receive a phone call on my cell phone from taped message from a normally I would be just hang up, but for some reason I listened. I think I was half-hoping that someone would pick up after the taped message so that I could yell at them for soliciting me on my cell phone!!! The nerve!! But as I listen I realize that it is Charter (my cable company) and they are offering a special on High Speed Internet these next three days...Hmmm...what perfect timing. So I write down the 1-800 number, make the call and as of this Saturday I'll be back on line (psst...and it was a great deal, too!!). The main reason I didn't want to deal with dial-up is...well,'re on the internet, there are thousands of reasons not to want to deal with dial-up!!! Who has the patience??? Anyway, tonight we are going to Market Square Grille downtown to meet with fellow bloggers from Houston and Jish, who actually organized this happy hour. Two of my co-workers have started blogging (20/20 Kim Site) - before they got their blog up and running I believe they would have been classified as blurkers (doesn't that sound like a dirty word), b/c they had become fairly well acquainted with a couple of bloggers that they read often, but they themselves did not have blogs! Well, now they have risen out of that status and are excited at the prospect of actually meeting some of the people that they interact with on a regular basis in the cyber-world! It's fun to be able to help them out and see them asking the same questions that I used to also run to Elaine with when I first started trying to code!!

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