Thursday, September 19, 2002

Yesterday after work my nephew, who is in town this week, and I drove down to meet my niece and her husband for dinner at Rice Village. We ate at a cajun correctly called Cajun Cafe!! It was good, I had a spicy bowl of gumbo!! Afterwards, my niece and her husband headed home early - they are still newlyweds - but Brad didn't want to go we walked across the street for a drink at Mi Luna. I love the food here...this is where I had originally wanted to eat, but was out-voted!! So we came in and sat at the bar...I had a glass of wine and Brad had a couple of beers and we watched the entertainment, which I didn't even know Mi Luna had!! Apparently every Thursday night this group comes and for some reason this week they switched night, which was wonderful for me b/c I really enjoyed it!!! I now have a new plan a dinner at Mi Luna's for a Thursday night to watch the Flamenco dancers!!! Takers!?!?!?

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