Monday, September 09, 2002

YAY!!! I have my new title bar up and running now!!! I am me again!! Now, with the exception of just a couple more little quirks here and there I should be completely done very soon. I didn't get a chance to work on it this weekend - but this week I'll get some more work done! Speaking of this weekend, it was a very good one!! Friday night was pool where I was finally able to meet Mandy (who is real - long story) and from there we went to Mikado for sushi and then to Brasils for coffee and conversation!! Both of which were equally strong - and interesting!! From there some went back to CJ and Susan's for a movie, but I headed back to the northside for sleep... Saturday I was grounded...waiting ALL DAY on the cable guy to show up, which he finally did around 4. After he left I decided it was time to get out of the apartment and I went across to the mall for a while and bought some jeans and a movie for my dad. Saturday night I met up with Sean and Alice and Johnny and we decided to go out to City Limits to dance...where we ran into several other friends. We had a good time there as well. Sunday was busy...I went to a new church Sunday. Since I have moved I thought I would try one close to my apartment. It was nice and I really liked it. Afterwards I went to mother's and had lunch with her and daddy and then went to my sister's house to visit for a while (she just had surgery on a broken arm) with her and her daughters and Ashley, who brought the baby over for a while. Mother and dad are taking a mini-vacation so I brought Chinook back to the apartment for a while. Then I went down to Mandy's apartment to meet her and Mike for sushi (yes, AGAIN!!!!) and then for coffee and a movie at Kevah Kanes downtown... So...I had a really great weekend!! And am looking forward to a productive week...I'm really thankful I had the time today just to get all this written!!!!!

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