Sunday, September 15, 2002

Whew!! What a weekend!!

Thanks everyone for making this weekend so much fun...I really did have a great time! There are always those b'day blues that come along every year and I am not immune, but otherwise I had a wonderful time - and got some great loot, too!!! I didn't take my camera along so as soon as everyone gets their pictures uploaded I will link to them. There were at least two cameras along on Friday and one on Saturday!

Friday night I also learned something new about myself and about another friend. I learned that I am a lot sronger than I originally thought I was and that a friend isn't always who you think they are. I'm not going into details b/c it isn't important to anyone else.

I also want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Nina!! She had her baby on my b'day!! She left me a comment saying that she had a good excuse for being late to wish me a happy b'day...b/c she was in labor! I think I'll have to give her that one!! This time!!! Congratulations Nina and I can't wait to meet your daughter!!

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