Friday, September 27, 2002

What a wonderful morning...

Last night some friends came over to watch the NBC Premiers and we had a really great time...but after they left I started feeling a bit down. No real reason in particular...just down. And that is pretty much how I went to bed feeling. I was up and down during the night raiding the fridge for water, but when I finally fell into a good sleep I had some pretty good dreams last night. Then this morning, I woke up early, however, a bit disappointed that I didn't get to finish my dreams, but feeling better nonetheless...showered, dressed, and headed out the door to a glorious morning!!! I could actually see my breath while walking to my truck this morning!!! It was the greatest thing!!!! I am so ready for winter and while I know it isn't going to be time to put all the jackets and sweaters for many weeks...okay, okay, was great to be able to see that this morning!!!!!! Mornings: 66 degrees... Afternoons: 90 degrees... Don't you just love that Houston weather!!! :)

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