Monday, September 30, 2002

What a weekend...

Friday was a lot of fun! We celebrated Christine's birthday - which was a lot of fun! (The rest of the pics are in my albums) Saturday morning was hard, but I managed to get up early, drive to Humble to meet my daddy and then we drove to Broaddus. We had a good weekend. There was family in and I got to see my two brothers...and my aunt and uncle's new house! I've seen all the stages, but hadn't seen it since they had moved in! In two weeks they are having an open house so I thought I would save pictures until then! Saturday evening Hailey, Steve, Mark, and I ate out on the deck, took a picture of a huge wasp nest, and then went for a late night four-wheeler ride...out by the lake then through the pasture! It was actually chilly...I soon turned over the driving to Mark so that I could use him as a blocker for the wind and try to stay warm!! I am anxious for the weather to really change!! Sunday we went to church and got to see a lot of familiar faces that I grew up with! It is always nice to see everyone, but I think they have a hard time understanding why I'm not married!! I try to explain to them about women having careers and lives outside of marriage, but once their eyes start to glaze I just revert to words they understand, "Just haven't found the right man, yet..." I tell them and then they are satisfied!! Last week mother left for Broaddus early, so daddy played the little sneak and bought a present for her...he set it up before we went to Broaddus so she found it when we came back. These two quilts that are in it are over 100 years old...and worth a lot of money. Mother had been looking at this case for a while and when daddy realized what the quilts were worth, the case made a lot more sense to him! He was going to keep it for Christmas, but like everyone else in this family, he couldn't wait till then!!! The book in the bottom of the case was published years ago and the front quilt is on the cover of the book...there is a second quilt in the case that is also featured in the book. It is a collection of hystorical quilts in Texas. I don't know if the book is on the net (I haven't found it) so I might have to scan the two pages our family quilts are featured on...and the cover of course. Mother and Grannie are quite proud of them! was a good weekend. Now it is going to be a busy week!

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