Monday, September 23, 2002

The weekend was good...Friday and Saturday was spent with friends (old and new), Sunday was spent with my parents. Friday I bought a new book and Sunday read the whole thing to mother Sunday while I was there with her! She enjoyed it and so did I! Next weekend is going to be exhausting, though...I am trying to get myself prepared. Friday is the normal group get-together, but this Friday I believe we are also going to celebrate Christine's birthday, Saturday Robert is moving so I want to help him and that afternoon I have plans to be with another friend for her birthday and also that day my entire family is going to be up in East Texas for a semi-reunion, which I am going to miss b/c of all these I am going to try to drive up Saturday night (hopefully it won't be too late or I won't be too tired) and spend Saturday night up there and most of the day on Sunday. Whew...I'm tired just thinking of it! I wish my family had informed me one week prior b/c I haven't seen most of them in a long time that are going to be up there and I hate that I am going to miss being with them...well, maybe Sunday will be a long day and they will all stay for church and lunch and I'll get to spend that time with them!! I'll have to get mother to keep me better updated!! Well, my day is continuing even though I have stopped to reflect so I have to go...

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