Thursday, September 19, 2002

Via Mike I have found a blog that I think I want to start following as well...The HomeLessGuy - I don't know if more out of curiosity, though, about his life or the way that others react to him! Through comments I have been reading I have also found two other sites that are pretty appalling, to be honest: HelpMeLeaveMyHusband & SaveKaren. These links came about b/c Kevin, the author of HomeLessGuy was addressing his PayPal button on his blog and whether or not it should be considered panhandling...others commented that no it wasn't and especially when compared to the previous two links. I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE that anyone would have the guts to put their stupidity out there for the world to see and then ask perfect strangers to help bail them out. It is shocking...on the other hand, I also would not "donate" to Kevin either through his PayPal. I would make donations to legitimate organizations that I knew could help him out, but I wouldn't send money blindly. I give at my church and donate through United Way at work...and I'll give food (not $$$) to people on the street corners...I believe these actions help out where it is needed....

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