Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My SugarBear...

I posted more pictures of Chinook today!!! He is so precious!!! And I finally put up a few pictures of my mess!! These are just some of the pictures from the day I moved into the new apartment! (If you look closely, you'll spy Dennon in the background!!) And one more!! Thursday some of the girls from work are come over to watch the NBC premiers: FRIENDS & Will & Grace so I will take some more pics now that everything is put together and post those, too! Oh...and I finally submitted my pics over at Christine's Picture Yourself - I just did it today, so I'm sure check back for my pictures later!!!! Blogspot has been down today...as I am sure you know if you tried to come visit earlier!! But if you were persistent and came back to say hello THANKS!!! **SMACK** I appreciate it!!!

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