Thursday, September 12, 2002

I wasn't really planning on going to any of the tributes for 9-11 last night, but on of my co-workers called me around 5:45 last night at the office and said she was going to be going to the tribute at the pavilion. So I decided to go with her at the last minute. Sunday at church I had heard the preacher mention something about this, but hadn't really given it much thought. It was called One Voice, The Woodlands Remembers - basically it was a coming together of all the churhces in The Woodlands/North Houston area for a time of singing and tribute for 9-11. The key note speaker last night was Dr. Voddie T. Baucham, Jr., who was amazing! He only spoke for about twenty minutes, but I think I could have sat and listened to him for hours! He is truly a gifted speaker!!! There was an orchestra and choirs from all the churches, including the children's choirs, solos done by various singers, dramas performed, narratives, military personnel, and so on...and of course plenty of video from 9-11. There were the tear-jerker moments, but during much of that time Jennifer and I chose to have discussions of our own about things going on in order to keep our composure. I didn't want to get overwhelmed in the moment. The music was so beautiful!! I love live music...of any kind! And this was some of the best performances I have heard...the children who sang were truly amazing...they were also so very adorable!!!!! We were starting to get tired, but the people we really wanted to hear weren't coming on until the end. Some of our co-workers attend Jennifer's church and were going to be singing so we wanted to be able to tell her we had been there for that!! So, it ended up we stayed until it was all over, which was about 9:30 - then we walked back to the office where we had parked and then headed home. I was tired, but when I got home I sat up for a while and watched VH1 b/c they were having a tribute concert, which was very upbeat and not sad or depressing at all!! So it was good to see the last thirty minutes of that...all the fire fighters and police officers and such were there along with all the stars having a great time, but also remembering their falling friends and loved ones! It was a good way to pay tribute I though!!

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