Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I am so tired!!! And I shouldn't be b/c I had such a relaxing evening...maybe that's the problem. It was too relaxing!! After work I went to the gym and then Jennifer and I tried out a new sushi restaurant. It wasn't bad except that our waitress stared at us and watched us eat our entire meal. Jeez!! The food was still delicious! Afterwards we went back to her place and picked up her bathing suit and her dog b/c we had decided to try out the pool and jacuzzi and my apartment complex, which turned out to be the best idea we have had in a while! My muscles were aching from my Monday work-out so I was ready to sink into that hot water!! We came back to my apartment and made sure that our dogs would get along - later I realized that Chinook was very jealous! I picked him up once and had to literally peel him off me!!! So, we got changed, each grabbed a couple of bud lights and a towel and headed downstairs. The jacuzzi was so wonderful...and soon we had company. One of my neighbors came to join us with two of his friends and shortly a third friend. We sat outside and talked for about an hour and had a really great time!! Then Jen headed home...I took Chinook for a walk, got cleaned up and changed and sat down for about twenty minutes in front of the TV, had a few phone calls, and then I was out!!! Deeply out!! I guess that is why I came into work with wet hair this morning...slept so good I didn't get up in time to dry my hair this morning and make it to my 8 o'clock meeting!! So all the hair went up on top of my head and out the door I went!! That's the great thing about curly hair...I put the products in, twist it up a bit, then later I can take it down, shake it a bit, and it's ready to go!! Hee Hee...I have straightening products, but rarely use them. It just isn't as much fun as curly! Well, I have taken up what's little free time I had for lunch today...there is much work to be I better get back to it! Ta Ta...

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