Friday, August 30, 2002

Do you know anyone who is this hard to please!?!??! Just as an FYI - I am no longer answering the phone in my office!!!! I am sending all calls to voice mail!! I may throw it out in the hall just so I don't have to see certain numbers show up on my caller ID for the 100th time today!!!! Do you think I can block numbers from being able to call my office!?!? **bwah ha ha** ("Shaft" is playing right now...)

Thursday, August 29, 2002

You know what is really sad, my nephews don't even know who the smurfs are!!!!!! The smurfs were great!! And they still come on the cartoon network. Cartoons today are ridiculous...
Find your inner Smurf!
Smurf break thanks to Pam
Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been buried at work...and it doesn't look like it is going to let up until September business closes - which really isn't until the beginning of October. :( I will try to update in the evening sometime when I am away from my office!! So bear with me!

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Welcome back to the blogworld Melanie! It's been a while, but our friend has returned! If you get a chance pop over and say hello! Also, to those interested pictures from our company picnic are up in my albums, so if you know the password check them out!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Okay...time to play catch-up!! To pick up from Saturday: It started raining while we were at the office...HARD!!! We could barely see the cars outside the windows through all the rain! I guess it started around one...then about 1:30 Darren and Kim called and said they were on their way so we started closing things down to head to the park. Driving through town was terrible b/c there weren't any gutters/drains on the streets so the water just pooled up on the streets!! It was crazy, but we made it through town and the heavy rains stopped. It still sprinkled off and on throughout the rest of the day, but it didn't slow things down at the picnic! There was a covered pavillion there so everyone was able to stay nice and dry - those that wanted to that is! There was a wet-slide for the kids who had blast!!! Everyone had a good time - with great food, prizes, drinks, and friends! I am sorry I don't have my pictures up yet. I will get them up this week, though. We really did have a great time, though. Fabian and I decided to go light on the drinks and head out early so that we could wake up in Houston on Sunday morning. So, we stayed until six o'clock and then said our farewells to everyone and started to Houston. The trip wasn't too bad at all. There wasn't much traffic and b/c we had company it went fast. Sunday was spent with the family. I went to church with mother and dad and then they brought me to the office to get my truck. I left it in the parking garage all week while I was in Louisiana and Saturday b/c it was late, Fabian just dropped me at home instead of going to the office. Sunday evening I started boxing things up for the move. Monday morning I was out of the office again. I was out on the west side of town for a training class for work. Alicia from our Lafayatte office (who I was working with all last week) flew in for this class so I went by the airport on the way to pick her up and after the class, made another trip by the airport to drop her off. Tuesday I finally was back in my own office, but only after getting a flat tire on the way to work...yuck! Luckily I wasn't far from home and by the time I got the spare and everything else out of the back dad was there to help me change the tire. Now I have to go buy a new tire during lunch today... Well, I guess that about brings us up to speed! It's been cloudy around here...and still HOT!! But hey, that's Houston, huh???

Saturday, August 17, 2002

Okay...this is sad. It is Saturday and the picnic is today and I am in the office!!!!!! Why??? Well, we all went out last night after this morning I wanted to sleep in. Which I did. Then I receive a knock on my door and it is is 10:00 and he tells me that check out is at 11:00. Crap!! he comes in for a bit and we make a plan for the day. Our plan is to drive back to Texas this evening, but that is going to depend on how much we drink at the picnic and I think I have already told you how much fun these people are!! I shoo him away and I get showered and dressed. The picnic starts at noon, but we weren't planning on going until around 2, b/c that was about the time our "group" was planning to arrive. So, we check out of the hotel and head to IHOP - I am dying for coffee at this point!! Also, keep in mind that IF we do stay, we're going to have to get another room tonight. So we're playing it by ear, that's Fabian's favorite phrase!!! We make it to IHOP just after 11:00 and have a meal and coffee - yay!!! And are there until around noon. Now we have a couple hours before going to the picnic. We have several options, but coming in to the office wins out. Fabian is taking classes via the internet b/c he travels so much and a new class started last week so he was going to take these couple hours to work a bit. I didn't want to leave him stranded and take the car so I decided to hang out here as well. I gave me a chance to go through my work emails (since I left a bit early yesterday) and catch up on a few reads!! The office is dark...and I wasn't expecting anyone to be here, but I think one of the foreman was in the back when we first arrived. I heard someone on the phone and saw him walk out. I couldn't tell who it was, though. The weather is better today. It is still cloudy, but it hasn't started raining...yet! I bet it will before the day is over. We still have to go by the store on our way to the park. I hear someone else talking back there now. Hmmm...wonder who came in. I might sneak back there and check it out. It is only 12:30 - we still have a while before we leave. I don't think it takes long to get to the park from here. Maybe 20-25 minutes or so. I had a dream last night that my truck was stolen!!! I managed to get it back, but it was still scary!!! I was going to visit one of my ex-boyfriends from High School and his wife b/c I ran into him in town or something and I was going to follow him out to their house to see their place and their new baby and when I turned to go back to my truck, it was gone!!! And I guess I had been traveling in my dream too, b/c it was full of all my things!! I guess I was dreaming about them b/c my best friend told me that she had been in a wreck, nothing serious, recently. Only difference is that their baby isn't a baby, I think she is a pretty big girl about now!!! It's been a while since I have seen them! I haven't kept in touch with many friends from High School. There are a couple that I talk to pretty regularly, but not more than that. This year is my 7th year out of High School. I don't know if our group will put together a reunion when that time comes or not! Hmm, I would be interested to see if we did! I know where most of my classmates are...I think I do anyway!! A lot of them are still around the same area. Well, I think I am going to go back there and see who that was that came in to the office!!

Friday, August 16, 2002

Hmmm...looks like we're staying in Lafayette for the weekend afterall. The plan has changed several times over the course of the week. We were leaving today, then we weren't, then we we are spending the night and going to the company picnic tomorrow and coming back early Sunday morning...unless we get brave and decide to drive back late Saturday night, but I am betting that we have too good of a time to do that!!! Hey, we're in Cajun country, going to a picnic/ you think it won't be fun!?!? Yeah right!! So, tonight I am going to hook up with some friends/co-workers and we're going to go out for a bit and then tomorrow is the the picnic. I don't think it start until noon so we'll be able to sleep late. Yay!! That will be nice! Of course this means that I'll only have next weekend before the move to get anything done at home. But that will be fine. I can do a little bit each evening after work during the week. This has been a good week out here. It is nice to work from a remote office every once in a while. Good to work with co-workers that you don't usually get to see. I work with these people on a daily basis, but we only get to see one another on rare occasions. I have become great friends with a lot of them too b/c some I only see socially - when I'm here to work with someone else and they happen to be here as well and for occasions like the picnic tomorrow (which is going to be a blast)!! These guys are so much fun down here, so laid back! They get the work done, but know that isn't what life is!! They know that life is what happens out there...that it is the interaction you have with those around you and not what you do while sitting at your desk. Your life isn't there to make the job possible...that job is there to make your life possible!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Thursday Threesome for August 15th, "Relaxing: Here, There and Everywhere", courtesy of Dan. Onesome: Here-When you are in, where do you hang out? Not your favorite room necessarily, but where you always seem to end up. My room is always a favorite...mainly b/c I can get away from everything. I can shut the distractions or disturbances to get in the way!! Twosome: There--When you go out somewhere to relax, where do you head off to? I am usually with friends out to a quiet coffee bar...usually one of our two or three favorite spots!!! Somewhere we can sit back, have a drink or a cup of coffee and some good conversation. Threesome: Everywhere--If you could chose, where would you like to be able to go for a week to relax? I love to travel...anywhere!!!! The most relaxing places are those that really aren't "tourists" places b/c when you end up in places like that you aren't really relaxing, but are going from place to place instead and fighting all the other "tourists".
We received some very sad news this morning. I hope that you all rememeber EJ and his family today and think of them in your prayers...

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

It looks like we won't be here through the weekend...which means that I will be in H-Town this weekend to see friends AND get some work done at home. I'll be moving soon and I need to start packing and figuring out what is going where and all that jazz. No, I haven't bought a house yet...I have decided that I don't know 100% if I want to buy out in the middle of suburbia afterall, so I am going to rent close to the office for now. That isn't permanent, so I'll be able to see how I really like living out there. It will be so nice to have that short little commute, though!! And I'll be closer to a lot of friends, too. I bought a great mirror for the living room last weekend, too and I'm anxious to get moved and get it up on the wall!!! I also bought a great picture for the dining room...and great BIG picture!!! I'll post pictures as things get moved in. One good thing about The Woodlands is the trails...there are tons of running and biking trails everywhere. I have always liked to run, but have been doing it indoors. Sorry, but I'll leave the indoors to the just gets boring to run on a treadmill so now that I am going to be out there I'll have a great place to run in the evenings and I bought a bike so I'm hoping that the trails are as bike friendly as they are runner friendly!!!! It's nasty where out here today...and I can't get through Citrix to my work email. I feel like I am on a desserted island with no line of communication to the outside world. Sure, there are phones and I'm in the office with everyone, but so much of my work is done through email these days that without it I feel like I'm wondering aimlessly!!!! Mike, ready for that next cup of coffee???? I was introduced to some Cajun dancing last night!!! I have always been a pretty good long as I have a good lead! I can follow just about anyone if they know what they are doing and last night one of our foreman went out for drinks and dancing with us! He knows how to dance pretty well and after it was realized that he and I were a pretty good fit on the dance floor we didn't sit down much!!! We had a really good time!!! That's is one thing down here, no matter what is going on, they are going to have a good time!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I don't know...maybe it's just my lack of astounding interest in politics, but I really don't understand why the Mayor's traffic accident has to make headlines!! Do journalists think that HPD was going above and beyond their call by issuing this man a traffic citation or something????
Greetings from Lafayette! I'm in the field office this week for work so my post may be scarce - hey, at least this time I have an excuse! Anyway...the weekend was good as you read from Elaine's blog and was referenced there from Mike's blog!!! Monday I got up early and met Fabian, a coworker, and we drove to the office here. We made it in around lunch time and have been working away!! As of now we're sceduled to be here through the week with a possibility of through the we'll see what happens!!! btw - I'm not going to make it a habbit of posting quizzes anymore, but this last one hit too close to home since Elaine and Mike referred to me as their Muse last week!!! For you guys!!!
I haven't posted quizzes in a while, but Pamela has had some good ones!!!!

You are a muse.
What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

Friday, August 09, 2002

Yet another test for my blog:

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Symbolism: More Symbolism Than You Can Shake a Stick At
what movie symbolism are you? find out! (link thanks to pamela)

"I'm grateful to the judge for giving me this opportunity; I finally found out what my problem is: It's alcohol," "The accident happened when Harding had less than a month to go on her two-year probation for hitting a boyfriend with a hubcap." C'mon...a hubcap??? Really???
I read this quote this morning and thought it was totally awesome...while your past does in fact dictate who you are and sometimes who you become, it really doesn't have to...if you want/need to, you can leave it in the past...b/c after all that is what it is: the past! I hope you have a great day! "Create your future from your future not your past." - Werner Erhard, Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Founder of The Hunger Project

Thursday, August 08, 2002

The funniest thing happened on the way home from work tonight. I was at a red light next to a the back seat of this car was a beautiful, but fussy little baby! Its mother (I s'pose) was giving it a bottle. I was watching this baby and I guess the people in the front of the car were watching me b/c we both sat through the green light...and almost the yellow until someone honked at us!!! We both pushed on the gas, startled, went to the next light, looked at one another and just sort of laughed!!! I gave Chinook a bath tonight! He was filthy! I don't know what his problem was, but he did not want to get bathed - but he did!!! He's happier now, though...b/c he hates to be outside and when he is that dirty there is no way he can come in! So now he is running all over the place jumping around excited!!!!

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

I got some very bad news yesterday. One of my high school classmates who was pregnant with her second child went into labor yesterday. Shortly after her baby was born it was discovered that there were problems. I don't have details about what these problems were, but they were fatal. The baby died shortly after birth. His name was Damon. If you pray please keep this family in your prayers. Their older daughter should be almost six years old now. I believe the mother was in her 41st week late and according to all the tests everything appeared to be fine with the baby. Nothing irregular showed up. I don't have all the details as I have stated, but I am sure this family is grieving and could use our prayers and strength now.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Well, I have fallen to yet another blog tool...check out blogtree, which is actually a pretty cool tool!!! (Hmmm...and I didn't even know it!!) (Link thanks to Larry @ file13.)

Friday, August 02, 2002

Whew!!! I have finished my close...and with time to spare!!! YAY!!!! Sorry...accounting...end of month close...deadlines...stress...BUT IT'S OVER!!! YAY!!! And the radio is playing, "I'm walking on sunshine...whoa oh...and don't it feel good!!" I know that I said I had a lot of work to do...and I do, but I saw this and had to comment!!! And while you're perusing, take a second to play her mindless game. And she even has a Screensaver. I think this falls into the category of a train really don't want to look, but something just compells you to stare...I can't believe someone would give this woman her own show. Well, take that back, yes I can...I mean, she won't even have to talk...she just has to be and will get plenty of viewers (also mindless) tuned in to see her!!!
Mmmm...ICE CREAM!!! I had my first experience with Amy's last night (Thanks Mike) and I must say it was awesome!!! I love ice cream, but can't eat it very often... I had Mexican Vanilla with Kit Kat - yeah, I was very bad last night!! But hey, it was a new experience and something that won't be repeated every week, so we're all good. This evening I am going to Canton - female-family-member-expedition!! The Trade Days are going on this weekend so we are going to peruse the goods and see what useless things we can spend our money one!!! **I'll let you know how it turns out** is the last day for EOM (end of month) close so I have a lot of work to do...later!!

Thursday, August 01, 2002

"Thursday Threesome for August 01, 2002 (Lions & Tigers & Bears (oh, my!) Edition)" Thursday Threesome for August 1st... courtesey of Joce Onesome: Lions. How late do you lie in, or are you an early bird? "fess up, no lying here. In all honesty I would love to sleep in late, but I force myself out of bed each morning and go to the fitness center at our office. On the weekends now...if no one calls or I don't have any plans, I'd sleep until around 10:00 AM...ah, what bliss to be able to sleep!!! Twosome: Tigers. What brings out the tiger in you? Interpret this how ever you want, just warn us if it is rated other than pg *grin*. My interpretation: "What gives you the red-ass" - at least that is what my co-worker calls it when something irritates you to the point that you see red. Here lately my stress levels have been raging so it doesn't take much to push me to that point. So what does it mostly these days: People who do things without thinking...okay, okay, maybe I overthink things and go back and forth on issues, but I try to rationalize my actions, especially if they are going to affect people around me. Threesome: Bears. Bare it all for us. We always complain about the parts of our bodies we don't like. So here, tell us your favorite part of your body... My favorite body part??? Hmmm...well, I like my hair, but I don't think that is a body part...and I like my eyes, but I don't think that is what we're going for here either...well, I guess my body part that gets the most attention is, MY BOOBS!!! Okay, there I said it!!! I am thankful that I was blessed in that department. Sometimes it means I have to go to a larger size in blouses, but I really don't care, b/c it makes that low-cut v-neck dress look very sexy!!!! Answer in your own blog and don't forget to leave some breadcrumbs along the yellow brick cyber highway.... (ps - yes the theme is a repeat of the May 2nd 3-some, but all new questions! How cool!)
It makes a point!! I think I need to clean up my office. I am going to be in and out all day today (meetings, meetings, meetings) so I won't have time to work on my big projects - so I think while I'm here I'll work on cleaning out all the little piles I have all over my office. It will be nice to see the top of my desk again!!!