Wednesday, July 31, 2002

WooHoo...look at me go!!! I have more memory now!!!! I have more memory now!!!! **I'm such a dork...** And - "Walk Like an Egyptian" is on - this moment in time rocks!!!
"I think there's a lot of people who might not quit smoking for themselves or their family," said Moore, a veterinarian at Tufts University. "But they might for their cats." there something wrong with that statement???

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Thought I would share a couple of pics from Saturday...enjoy!!!
Please, I'm not that kind of bird This is my favorite birdie Ha Ha Ha...Ho Ho guys are funny

Sigh...such a hard life These guys smiled at us... cute!!
Here is the link to see all the pics...if you're interested in seeing them let me know and I'll supply the password!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2002

Okay...there is a process going on which frees me for about 4.35 I thought I would take that time to give a quick update about the weekend, which was great...but I'll get to that!!! Friday night I went down to Kemah and had dinner at Landry's on the boardwalk to celebrate my niece's b'day! Saturday we headed to Galveston to Moody Gardens...had sushi at a place recommended by a friend (two thumbs up Daniel)...walked barefoot on the beach for a while...then headed to the Strand to spend the rest of the evening having great conversation at an Irish Pub we found!!! I think my head hit the pillow around 5 worth it, though!! Sunday morning came early, but I made it up and to church and then went to Sherry and EJ's for Brendan's b'day party! It was a great weekend, but Sunday afternoon I just collapsed!!! Whew...ready to do it again!?!?!? OKay...I think my time is going to be up shortly and I'll have to get back to work, so I'll close by saying that I'll post my pics later for ya!!!

Friday, July 26, 2002

Hmm...regarding the comments in the entry is apparent that this entry should have been presented as a rhetorical question!!! As stated in my comment, I blog what I am thinking about and this statement was simply what I was thinking about at that time!
Feedback time: Why do you blog??? A while back I was at a Happy Hour with co-workers and friends. While there I was introduced to've met those people, right!? Well, through the course of introductions and conversations, the fact that I blog was brought up. Not being blog savvy, this gentlemen asked me to explain exactly what it was...and I did. He listened quietly for a moment and then remarked, "Isn't having a blog kinda like someone who calls out their own name during sex?"...I was...well...speachless to be honest! I was so floored by the remark I really didn't have a good answer at the time and it was actually a rather comical statement, so I just laughed. The subject wasn't brought up again!!! So, tell me why you blog. What do you like about it???
Bush: "Saddam, are you available in October? That's the earliest time I have available to invade?? Here is what I had in mind..." ...Under one scenario being discussed at the Pentagon, a force of 250,000 to 300,000 U.S. troops would invade Iraq and overthrow Hussein, backed by massive airstrikes. Turkey, Kuwait and Qatar have indicated they would allow their territory to be used for an attack. Okay, maybe I am just not as educated in military tactics as others, but isn't the element of surprise usually a factor for such things or am I completely off base here??
I am so tired!!! We had a really late night last night! Tonight is going to be even later, b/c I am driving ALL THE WAY down to Kemah to have dinner with friends to celebrate my niece's 25 birthday, which is tomorrow!!'s going to be a helluva drive!! I got some artwork last night that I am really proud of!! It is so beautiful...I am going to do some minor modifications as far as placement goes, but once everything is perfect I'll post some pictures!! Tomorrow: Galveston, Moody Gardens, great friends, and me!!! Yep, we're taking a field trip down to the island tomorrow and I am ready! I haven't been to Moody Gardens in a couple of years so this will be a treat! Elaine's hubby is going to be there as well and then afterwards another friend that lives on the island will probably join us for dinner! Yay!! Looking forward to a good weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2002

I thought there was a high suicide rate among dentists...not homocide.
So, I'm driving into work this morning listening to NPR, as I do every morning, and this story is on. I listened with great interest and would even consider buying the book the boy has written, maybe more out of curiosity than for the expansion of my literary horizon, but at the end of the coverage I am conflicted. Did his writing really warrant being pushed to the top of a pile of manuscripts that are to be read by a publisher, or did this cause another literary genius to be lost in the shuffle b/c of privileged teenager's connections? Don't get me wrong, I am all about using the resources that you have at your disposal for personal growth and development, but was this a case of using those resources at a cost to someone else? Regardless, the boy is going to be attending Harvard in the upcoming fall and I'm sure his writing will fall on even more critical eyes...who knows he could go on to become one of the best selling authors of his generation!!! In that case, I would tell the story of the time I listened to a excerpt from one of his bookreadings back in 2002 on my morning commute!

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

This seemed fitting this morning...especially when I came in and saw what our own stocks (APC) were at. (I had the pic itself posted, but I guess it was too big for my template b/c it made all my lines off-center)

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Been a few days, huh...again??? Well, if you noticed then that means I was missed :) and if you didn't then there was no bother!!! It's been an eventful weekend. I found a townhome that I am interested in and yesterday I made an offer. First step - very nervous, but I am excited, too. Afterwards I met up with a friend for coffee and then went downtown with Elaine and her friend who now lives in London, but was in for the weekend. So, we had a girls' night out...which was fun!! We took a few pics yesterday and I am sure Elaine will have them posted later so I'll link to them when she gets them up. Friday night was my first regular Friday in a while. Lately I have been so busy that on Fridays I haven't been able to meet up with everyone like I ususally do. Last Friday I was able to see them for a short time and then had to this Friday was especially nice for me. We met up and played pool and then gathered at Elaine's to regroup and carpool before heading down to Montrose to Hugo's for dinner. Because we had such a large party the wait was almost an, we decided to hit Ming's instead and since it was right behind Prive (which is one of our favorite places) we spent the rest of our evening either out on the balcony or inside on the big comfy couches! We also had a new addition to our group this Friday, which was very nice...Mike is now a permenant resident of Houston once again. Welcome back Mike!

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Let's see if you can get any work done after seeing this...a friend at work sent it to me and it has been driving me crazy ever since!!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Found a cool new web-tool today (might not be new to some of you), but mouse over the red, squiggly-headed guy on the left!!!
Google! DayPop! This is my blogchalk: English, United States, Houston, NorthSide, Hanna, Female, 21-25!

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

**Making an attempt to get back on track with posting** Well, we got the family to the airport this morning! Wish I had more vacation time so that I could have joined them, but I used most of it up back in May. Hey, I'm not complaining - I got a trip to Egypt and they didn't so it's all good! I can't wait to see their pics, though! Dad bought a new digital for himself just for this trip! Their are eight of them going so I know they will have a wonderful time! In the meantime I will have my two teenage nephews staying with me. Wow!! This is going to be interesting! They are both very good boys so I really don't see it being a problem. They'll sleep half the day I'm sure!!!!! This weekend I will also have my teenage niece, it is going to be a house-full!! We'll have a good time, too I'm sure!! In other news: The house hunting is still going. I am taking the long term approach. I want to put a little bit more money I am looking into the next six months as possible go time. By then I should have more than enough saved to cover a good part of move-in costs and a bit more of a down-payment - hopefully!!! This past weekend was great as I mentioned yesterday! We went up to East Texas to a place called CycleLand. Basically it is a camp site with members that pay annual dues and has over 50 miles of dirtbike trails...we were on four-wheelers for the most part, though. Riding all day, all night, and in some cases all morning!! There were five of us coming up from Houston and then we met up with more friends there!! There are pictures posted in my albums (link at top). There is a thick fog hovering over all the trees outside my window this morning. I love this time of the one is in the office yet, well there are a few passers-by outside my door, but for the most part the floor is empty. I didn't see any office doors open when I unlocked mine this morning! We have a staff meeting this morning in about half an hour so I'm sure it is going to get busy quickly...speaking of, I have a big project that started yesterday which is probably going to take up most of my time for the next week so it may continue to be scarce in here, but I am going to try to keep things up to date!! Have a great Hump Day!!!

Tuesday, July 09, 2002

Yeah, I know it's been a while since I posted last...things have just been so busy. I have been having class a couple nights a week and then we had the fourth off and I was busy running around for that, then I went out of town with friends (and had a GREAT weekend btw) and then it was back to work and class! Tomorrow night is my last class, though... I'll get back in the groove sooner or later...just not right now!

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

One of my favorite writers is a sports writer. I haven't "read" anything he has written b/c he writes for Sports Illustrated and even though I enjoy reading this magazine, I don't pick it up that often...though I might just to start reading his articles on a more regular basis. So how can be a favorite if I haven't read anything he has written??? Because I listen to him every Wednesday morning on NPR. Although most of his articles are about sports, obviously, which I like b/c I have always been athletic and interested in sports, some of his articles deal with other issues. He is really very eloquent along with being a good writer...he presents it audibly very well.
Getting close to holiday time...

Tuesday, July 02, 2002

I don't really read my horoscope on a regular basis, but this one was pretty good for today!! Just when you thought everything was going perfectly smooth and fine, someone sets off a bomb in the middle of your path, dear Virgo. Don't get discouraged by what seems to be a hopeless situation. There is an important lesson that you may need to discover today that has to do with the importance of looking at the big picture. See conflict as an opportunity to expand your mind, rather than a force you need to fight.