Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Okay, it is really HOT in my office this morning!!!! I can tell that when summer gets here the morning sun is going to kill me. I don't want to put my blinds down b/c it gets dreary, but it looks like I might have to eventually. Just for the mornings anyway. I'm not complaining, though, b/c it is better than the evening sun when it has had time to heat the asphalt to the melting stage. Mother and I went shopping after I got off work yesterday. I have to get some summer work clothes...and some clothes for my trip. I leave in just ten days!! WooHoo!! I am ready for a vacation! Well, things have actually slowed a little bit here as opposed to the hustle and bustle I have been facing for the last month here. It isn't slow mind you, just slower. Since I brought up work I had better get to it...

Sunday, April 28, 2002

Well, we made it through the weekend and got my niece married with few complications!!! It was a beautiful wedding and the reception was a big success as well!!! I didn't take many pictures, but I will post them later. We went up on Thursday and worked pretty much right up until the wedding getting things prepared. The reception was outdoors and the wind wasn't really cooperating with us in the beginning, but when the actual reception started we had perfect weather! Guess that just means it was meant to be...I mean if it had all been smooth from the beginning it would have been taken more for granted, right??? I am sure the bride and her mother could have skipped the pre-wedding stresses, though! Now they can both relax!! Hailey made a beautiful bride, too. Today was a really pretty day in East Texas, too...it was very hot, though. Summer is definitely arriving! The drive home was rather scenic as well. Flowers blooming and clear skies! Now that the wedding is behind us, it is time to get back to work again. This is going to be another busy week for me at work, I am sure. I have co-workers coming in to work with me from Louisiana and we have a lot to get accomplished while they are here. I hope time allows us to complete all we have on our agendas. Well, I am going to go unpack and try to relax now for a little while!!!! Good night...

Monday, April 22, 2002

Okay, now I know the math problem is getting old...I have just been so busy at work these past couple of weeks that my blogging has had to slow down!!! I promise I will do better Elaine!! This weekend is my niece's wedding...it is finally here. I can't believe she is going to be a married woman by this time next week. WOW! Today and tomorrow are my only two really work days, b/c Wednesday is our Stockholders meeting and I will be leaving early for a doctor's appointment; Thursday I am taking a half day vacation and Friday a whole day in order to help out before the wedding. Rehearsal is Friday as well! Also, we have our tickets for Egypt!!! I am ready for a vacation. This one will be very exciting b/c my cousin that lives in L.A. is going to go with me...he has never met our cousin that lives in Switzerland, who will also be joining us. This will be their first meeting and they are both in their early 30's. I am anxious for them to finally meet! I haven't seen the one in L.A. since I was 19, either. We are all so spread out (Switzerland, Egypt, California, and Texas) so it is pretty hard to get together. We keep in touch via email, but that isn't the same. Well, I have to make this short...work, work, work!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here!!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

This morning on NPR there was a story about a math teacher trying to make math fun again. When I was in HS I did in fact enjoy math, I was good at it. I liked working to solve theorems...don't smirk!! So, I put before you this morning the same proposition the math teacher was giving to passers-by on the street at New York's Time Square: The Peanut/Cashew Problem: You're a candy store owner. You have 20 pounds of cashews costing $3.55 a pound. And you have peanuts that cost $2.50 a pound. How many pounds of peanuts would you have to mix with the cashews to get a mixture costing $3.20 per pound? Now don't cheat, but once you have it solved check your answer to see if it correct!! So, good luck and let me know how you did!!!

Monday, April 15, 2002

Even though I don't necessarily agree with this one:

You are Rowlf!
You don't draw attention to yourself much, preferring to keep your cool and stay in the background

quiz credited to: Mike
"Pray not for lighter burdens but for stronger backs." - Theodore Roosevelt, U.S. President

Sunday, April 14, 2002

hmm...I haven't been able to access blogger for a while for some reason so I am a little behind with my postings! It's been a rather busy week...workwise any way. Then Friday we met up for pool and dinner and went back to EJ's house to watch a movie. Last night was Hailey's bachelorette party...I have set up an album, but to protect the innocent I had to put a password on it!! Maybe if Hailey gives it a once-over and decides it's safe (hint, hint Hailey) then I'll remove the password!!! Until then I'll just have to give a little sneak preview. We all had a really good time, though! And surprise...I ran into a friend that I used to work with that I haven't seen in nearly two years. That was such a great surprise, too...as we were getting ready to close our tab I nearly walked into Jesse heading to the bar. He and Marla, his now fiancee, were out for the night. It was really good to see him. Back to the party: We began at Hailey's apartment and then headed downtown to Hard Rock at Bayou Place. Then we went to Slick Willie's to play a little pool (that's where I ran into Jesse) and then to Bar, also at Bayou place. Bar was a lot of fun and not nearly as crowded as it was the last time I went. We all had a really good time. There were a lot of bachelorette parties going on there. Bar is now connected to Have a Nice Day Cafe so we went back and forth between the two. We had made friends with the manager at Slick Willie's and were able to leave our things (gifts from the Lingerie party at Hard Rock) there locked up for the evening. So when it was time to leave we went by and picked everything up and headed for the vallet!!! After only one more sidetrack, we managed to make it back to the car with only one loss for the evening...one of my earings!! Other than that, we made it through the night rather unscathed!!!! And I think our Bachelorette had a really good time!!

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Thanks to everyone who called yesterday to check on me...I’m doing alright. For those who didn’t know I was out yesterday b/c I had to have a procedure done. I’m not going to dive into the details, but I am going to say that for as long as I live I hope I never have to take Vicodin again!!! I do not understand how people take this on a continuous basis. I took two before I went to the hospital and it took a long time to hit me. As a matter of fact a couple of hours, but once it did hit me it was terrible. All of my limbs, even my eyelids and teeth, felt like they weighed 100 lbs. I lost most of my motors skills and my speech was even slurred a bit. I slept most of the day, but every time I awoke I was so thirsty. I mean, I know people who are addicted to this stuff and take four or five at a time...I took two and have absolutely no desire to ever take another one...ever! Otherwise, things went well yesterday. Today I feel like I have a very bad hangover, but that’s about it. I have to go back in a couple of weeks...and then about every three months (depending on the results) for a year. Coming into the office today wasn’t fun, but I can function so I figured it would be better not to get too far behind at work if possible. The fog was so thick this morning, looking out my window gave the impression of being up in an airplane and flying through a thick cloud bank. There is a column not far from my window, maybe about six feet and I couldn’t even see it this morning!!! Well, I am going to drink my coffee now, try to clear my head, and get some work done!

Monday, April 08, 2002

It's Monday again. I hope everyone had a good weekend. We had a very busy weekend. Thursday night I was at Elaine's helping to move her and Kenny into their new house and then Friday night stayed with them to get an early start on moving Saturday. Everyone came out to help and we got their apartment emptied in pretty good time. I don't know how they managed to get all their belongings into that apartment...the house is already full!!!!! Today is pretty nasty outside. It has been raining non-stop since last night. It was so hard to get out of bed this morning. I know I have written this before, but the fact stands, there is nothing better than lying in bed listening to the thunder and rain outside the window! Of course, driving into the office in it this morning wasn't great, but the traffic was relatively light so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Next weekend is Hailey's bachelorette party so this week will probably be spent planning and getting things ready. Hmmm, what could I possibly to do embarass her this weekend...hee hee!!! Don't worry Hailey, we'll be nice!

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Sheesh...been a pretty hectic last couple of days...and the next few are going to be just a full!!!! We had end of the month close this week so there was a lot of rushing around to get things done before deadline...which is when I work best anyway, under pressure! The sky has been pretty overcast, but yesterday was nice. I had a meeting during lunch so I brought something back up to my office afterwards from the cafeteria, shut my door, hit send calls on my phone, turned on the radio, and sat and enjoyed my lunch in peace while watching the ongoings down below on the freeway and homes and business around the office! I am anxious for swimming weather to get here...I didn't get to get into the water once last year and regret it dearly. This year I am not going to miss an opportunity! We're going to Egypt in May so I am sure I will get a lot of the water there b/c we'll go to the Red Sea, that is of course, if things don't get too scary over there. I heard the best story on NPR this morning. I would love to have the opportunity to visit this exhibit...it would be so interesting!

Monday, April 01, 2002

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Coy... Happy Birthday to you!!! officially he won't be TWENTY-EIGHT until tomorrow, but Happy B'day anyway!!!
You show me yours and I'll show you mine... Well, I guess even nudy magazines don't discriminate when it comes to "equal opportunities"!! It seems that now Playgirl wants to give the men of Enron a chance the way that Playboy offered its hand to the ladies! Hmm...why not??? I mean we've all seen the posters of the sexiest firemen, police officers, doctors, lawyers, athletes, military personel (I'm sure there are many more out there)...why not the men of Enron!?!? All's fair, right?
Okay...now I love my dog like a family member, but when the government starts talking about spending $345 TRILLION on a federally funded health care I have to take a reality check and say a dog is a dog and a human is a human. I have a dog b/c I can afford to take care of my dog as it should be cared for, otherwise I would not have decided to have a pet. Yes, vet trips can get expensive, but you keep your pet healthy and try to limit the trips...or take out a separate insurance for the animal (yeah, they have that too now)...you don't take monies away from the human beings in the nation. There are a lot of good things that this money could do for the homeless, the out of work, people on welfare (who probably shouldn't be there anyway, don't get me on that subject), or many number or programs that could help the human beings in this nation. "The program would allow states to use federal funds to cover veterinarian visits, preventive care, neutering -- even hairball extractions." Hariball extractions??? Excuse me...this is what we are taking money away from Americans for. I treat my dog better than a lot of people treat family members. He sleeps in the house with me, a lot of the times even in the bed with me. He has regular trips to the groomers and annual trips for the vet. I am sure to give him his heart worm medication every month and when he is sick I'll even cook chicken and rice for him...all of which is funded my ME and not the federal government.
The Wysteria is back in bloom in East Texas. On the way back to Houston yesterday mother and I pulled over to take a cutting to bring back and plant so I took out my camera and took a few shots. They were beautiful! Whew...this weekend? Where to begin??? Friday morning everyone went up to East Texas, but I think I just needed to have some time to myself, so I hung around Houston and went up late morning on Saturday. The drive was so nice and relaxing...not a lot of traffic at all and beautiful weather, until after lunchtime that is!! That is when the skies started clouding up and then later there were tornados and rain and we lost all electricity! Sunday was very nice, though. The ground was wet, but the kids had a great time hunting for Easter Eggs!! The drive back was especially nice, though. Mother and I took our time and stopped at a couple of places and then our last stop was at the crawfish place and I bought 20lbs of live crawfish and brought that home and boiled it with some potatos!! My sister and her husband came over and helped take care of it!