Monday, January 28, 2002


Well, what can I is Monday again. Outside looks about like I feel today. Driving in this morning the fog wasn't on the ground, but up here in the office I can't even see out of the windows. The fog is so thick outside I feel like I am trapped inside a box with no windows. It is rather suffocating.

I have class tonight. Feels like I haven't been in a very long time b/c last week was a holiday b/c of MLK Day. Managed to make it to the gym on time this morning...and work out was tough. Every Monday is a different interval work out...we call Mondays "Hell Day."

Lunch yesterday with my sister was pretty good...we went to a place in Huffman called Star Cafe. I had a club sandwich that I couldn't finish and sweet potato fries...then went home, pulled my pjs back on and spent the rest of the day laid up watching tv...

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