Wednesday, January 16, 2002


So, today begins on a more positive note. I have had a very productive day already...and it is now only 8:19!!!! I got myself ready mentally last night for this morning’s endeavors!!! I haven’t worked out in about three weeks. Now keep in mind I went from working out every not at it was a big deal to come back this morning. Whereas before it was easy to wake up only hours after the sun went down, lately I have found it difficult to drag my butt out of bed with enough time to brush my teeth before I had to rush out the door, coffee-in-hand, and speed out of the driveway to make it in to work at least fifteen minutes late!!

So last night I picked out what I wanted to wear, hung my clothes on the door, packed a pair of clean undies and a bra, packed my boots and my make-up bag, with the hopes I would make the effort to look decent!! So, as long as I could fall asleep reasonably early I should have no problem getting up on time to make it to class at the gym...wrong. Couldn’t go to looking to my bed side table I turned to the Lord of the Rings for assistance!! Well, I’ll read for a while and maybe my eyes will get tired...wrong!! I got so interested in the chapter I was in I didn’t think I was going to be able to put it instead of starting a new chapter...I booked it downstairs to sit with the fam a bit and watch TV in their room...this didn’t aid is the sleep process either!!! Tylenol PM??? Hell no...although I did think about it!!! Last time I took that I slept for twelve hours and felt like I been up doing tequila shots all night!!!

So, I forced myself back upstairs and concentrated very hard on trying to go to you notice that this is when your brain starts working overtime?? You start to think about everything you have to do the next day...then you start thinking about things you should have done in the past...and the worst is when you start thinking about things you SHOULDN’T have done in the past!! Then you start to wonder where your life would be if you had done this or hadn’t done that...SHITE!!!! I’m doing it again!!! Back to the story...

So, this morning, when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed, I awoke ten minutes before my demonic alarm clock started yelling at me!!!!! So I was up and dressed in plenty of time to fix my coffee and have a piece of toast...and to clean up the mess made in the kitchen b/c the coffee pot over-flowed for some reason!!

I made it to the gym with ten minutes to spare!! Everyone was happy to see me back in my old routine...I caught up with some people who I never see unless in the gym...everyone asked how things were I was was actually so nice!!! Workout was tough...since I hadn’t been there in a while, but I made it through the entire thing without stopping...I had to cheat and came off my toes to my knees once or twice while doing push ups...but otherwise, I didn’t have to modify anything!!! I was really impressed with myself!! Abs class was equally as tough, but again, I pushed myself and made it through!!!! hee hee...I am in a really good mood this morning!!!

WOW - I had forgotten what a great feeling this would bring!!!!!

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