Thursday, December 04, 2014

Three Down

Well, I came home from East Texas sick...I went in to work on Monday and pushed through, made it half day Tuesday, and haven't been back since. I was down for the count. I thought I was doing a good job of keeping my kids from getting it, but that was a fail. Aaron started going down yesterday so today we went to the doctor and he tested positive for the flu. So I am sure that's what I had all along. This is the first year since I was pregnant with Emma that I haven't got a flu shot. I won't miss it again!
Now my little man has what I have. We are waiting on the doctor's office to open & make an appointment for him. He woke me up at 3am with a temp of of 104. Being sick is no bueno. ��
And I have the best pediatrician ever. She gave me meds for Aaron and for Emma, too. The meds for Emma was a preventative - but she said if Emma started showing signs, too then I needed to administer the medicine the same as Aaron. Well, no sooner than we made it home from the doctor than I got a call from the school. Emma had fever. So, now they are both on TamiFlu.
And then there were two!
I am happy that I at least caught them both really early and have the TamiFlu working so we can knock it out quickly. Poor Emma's birthday party is Saturday and it would break my heart if she had to postpone or cancel it. Aaron has been sleeping most of the afternoon so I hope that means the meds are really working on him and Emma didn't get to the point he was before we started her medicine so I hope she doesn't get to that point. I hate seeing my babies sick...and even worse being sick myself while trying to take care of them.

Needless to say the next 24-28 hours we are going to be on lock down around here. And I'm busy scrubbing away all the germs around here, too - when I picked up their meds I restocked on disinfecting products, too b/c I knew I would run out this weekend!

Stay healthy my friends!

Monday, December 01, 2014


This weekend we went up to East Texas to see more family for Thanksgiving...I could not believe how warm it was. I was in a sleeveless shirt all day Saturday! I'm happy for the front that came through today, though I don't think it is going to last the week.

I started getting a scratchy throat Friday when we headed up...which has turned into a full blown cold. So yesterday after we made it home I spent the rest of the day in the recliner or in my bed. It isn't gone, but I'm at work today...sniffing & working away! I am just glad it waited until after the festivities Saturday to really hit me hard.

Michael fried up three turkeys this year. One for our house on Thanksgiving Day and two on Saturday for the whole crew. One year I'm going to have to convince his mom to let him do the Turkey for their side, too - it's sooo amazing!!

Anyway - here are a few shots from Saturday. The day was absolutely beautiful!!! 
Thanksgiving 2014-112
Thanksgiving 2014-116
Thanksgiving 2014-104
Thanksgiving 2014-89
Thanksgiving 2014-88
Thanksgiving 2014-78
LOL - this was Teresa's idea mom, I promise!!!Thanksgiving 2014-79
Thanksgiving 2014-44
Thanksgiving 2014-50
Thanksgiving 2014-189

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall 2014 Portraits

My time is getting shorter for me to get our Christmas Cards ordered - I am such the procrastinator! And since today was so beautiful I took advantage, grabbed my camera, and snapped some pictures of my babies! Now the problem is deciding which I like the best! Here are a few of my faves!
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
I don't know when my little girl became so grown...
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
And just to prove how hard I have to work for good pictures is Aaron pouting b/c he "wanted to look at something else"...
Aaron Pouting
He eventually came around to my pleas, demands, bribing, threatening...
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
And it became one of my all time favorite shots of the day!

Teta went out on our photo adventure today, too...and we did a little antique shopping for her!
Kids Falls Portraits 2014
I think the day was surely a success! Now the kids are off with daddy while I head to crossfit for a little me-time!!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

They Made the Nice List

Aaron just skated by, but he did it...he's on the Nice List this year!!!

We headed to Santa's Wonderland yesterday!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-6
 I don't usually like this much Christmas before Thanksgiving is even here, but our weekends are just filling up already so yesterday was the day!! And Grandma was able to go with us, too.

While waiting in line to see Santa the kids wrote out their Wish Lists - they took this very seriously!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-19
And while waiting in line the Elf also had a chat with them...called them out by name and knew all kinds of stuff about them! They told them they both made the Nice List so they got a certificate for that!!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-18
He made sure to tell Aaron that he needed to improve his listening skills just a little bit, though!!

We shopped, we had hot cocoa, we played in the snow and of course, took a hayride through the woods to see all the lights! This is always the best part!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-47
Santa's Wonderland 2014-50
Santa's Wonderland 2014-55
Santa's Wonderland 2014-59
Santa's Wonderland 2014-22
Santa's Wonderland 2014-30
Santa's Wonderland 2014-61
Santa's Wonderland 2014-63
Santa's Wonderland 2014-65
Santa's Wonderland 2014-66
It's so hard to believe that the holidays are already here again!!!

Howdy & Happy Holidays from Texas!
Santa's Wonderland 2014-28

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Just A Swingin

My little folks & I took advantage of this awesome day and spent some time playing at our neighborhood park! I loved watching them spinning on the tire - I remember how much fun it was to spin like that when I was little. Now? Now it gives me a headache LOL!!!

Tonight I headed into town to meet my gf for dinner. We don't get to catch up nearly as often as I'd like and we too full full advantage of catching up tonight! We talked till well past midnight!! 
Now I'm so sleepy and gotta get up early for church in the morning and then I have a photo session in the afternoon. Better get those Zzz's now so I won't be laggin around tomorrow!!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Spooktacular Halloween

I hope you all had a great Halloween - we sure did! I love Halloween - it's so much fun seeing all the kiddos dressed up and the next day I love to see all the pics flying around on social media of friends' kids all dressed up with big on grins on their faces and bags of candy! Very cute!

We load up the kids and friends every year on our trailer and Michael drives them all around the neighborhood! This year Aaron was John Cena and Emma was a wizard - do not confuse her dress with that of a princess now...she is NOT into princesses anyway! Jeez!!!

Halloween 1

Halloween 2

Yes, that is my son walking hand in hand with little Lucy from down the cute are they!?!?

We still have tons of candy left - Mommy is mean and only allows them a couple pieces a day! Ha ha! And we have one neighbor that gave out those giant candy bars - does it every year! It was a fun night and we were up late...and of course, my kiddos had to wake me up early the next day, too! I miss days when I got to sleep late!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lunch Date

Aaron and I had lunch at school with Emma today!
Lunch with Emma
We were enjoying our lunch so much we weren't paying attention when Emma's class left out of the cafeteria! LOL

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sir Gawain's Plight

Sometimes as parents it is like we have the same plight as Sir Gawain - only instead of the choice of looks, we have the choice of how our kids act when they're home in private, versus how they act in front of others.

Actually last Sunday I was told by a lady that I was raising my son right as he was holding open the door for her! Awwwee...I know right!! And his Sunday School teacher always tells me how polite and obedient and helpful he is - his teacher at school has told me the same thing.

Yeah, that wasn't the case with him this past Saturday at friend's wedding, though. During the church service Aaron acted up so much that Michael had to take him outside...and he got a spanking for his behavior. Yes - I believe in spanking (when deserved and with restraint)! And I make no apologies for it. I 100% believe if there were more spankings our jails wouldn't have as many residents as they do today! So - he does have his moments!

Emma however is usually always good in church, school, at friends' houses, in public...I honestly cannot remember a time when I was upset about her behavior outside of the house. She has received four notes from school this year about her good behavior - this was the latest one she brought home from her principal. This definitely makes me extremely proud!
She makes me proud daily!!!!
At home, though I have to constantly repeat myself to her it seems - she gets side tracked all the time and I have to come behind her and tell her to do the same thing all over again. Getting her to focus at home is a full time job I feel like. Maybe b/c she is constantly "On" at school when she gets home she just is too tired. It's no excuse, though - but at the same time I ask myself, if she is going to be one way at times and another way other times, which would I rather the world see? Which one would I rather deal with at home?

Ideally I would like her to be the same girl at home that she is at school and everywhere else...but maybe like Sir Gawain if I let her make the choice that is just what I'll get! LOL!!! Doubtful, so I'll just continue to be a parent the best I know how and raise her to be the best Emma she can be all the time! To be honest - my kids do make me proud on a daily basis! And I tell them every chance I get how happy I am to be their mommy! Positive reinforcement does seem to garnish good results - kids strive to repeat actions that bring that positive attention, too - at least mine usually do! I told Emma just yesterday "thank you" b/c I never have had to worry about her at school. She is a straight A student - reads two levels above where she should be - has never had discipline issues...yeah, I'm proud of her! Now, if I could just get her to clean up her room when I ask...pick up the trail of backpack, shoes, socks, jacket she leaves when she comes home...throw away her trash instead of leaving it on the end table, the bar, wherever...that would be the bee's knees!! LOL

Monday, October 20, 2014

Couple of Busy Weekends...

Every year my neighbor's work sponsors an event at the Pumpkin Patch - it's always a blast starting with a hay ride, roasting hot dogs & making s'mores, crafts, games, and just playtime! This year it was warmer than usual when we went, but still cool enough for our jackets - to be honest, I'm ready for cool weather to arrive in South Texas and stay!

Here are a few pics of our fun evening!

Then this past weekend we had a wedding to attend...if they kids weren't on the dance floor you could find them in the photo booth! They had so much fun and it wore them out pretty good, too!
Selfie-photobomb on the way there!
And can you spot the little photobomb in Mommy & Daddy's photobooth shots!?!?
Bottom left corner!! Hee hee!
This week I am also doing a three day detox. I started Sunday morning - knew it wouldn't be a good idea to be on it during the wedding. Now I had no misconceptions that it would be easy...and while it isn't the toughest thing I've ever done, it's no cake walk either. I think it's good to give our systems a break from all the processed things we put in it - even though we really try at home not to eat much of it anyway. We do lots of fresh fruits & veggies at home. Don't do things out of a box much at all anyway - though Michael still has to have his cereal every night! May never get away from that!

The detox I'm doing is from - it's local and all fresh. Hand delivered to your door in a nice little cooler. I'm honestly not hungry, but I have felt a little tired and had a bad headache Day 1. I'm halfway done, though as tomorrow is Day 3 and my last day. I've took a two month hiatus from Crossfit and will start back the first week in November so I wanted to do this before I started back. I think a good reset to your system once in a while is a good thing...and with a system like Squeezed they make it pretty easy, too!