Sunday, December 30, 2018

Christmas & NYE in East Texas

We had a wonderful Christmas in East Texas with family! We had about 40 folks who were able to make it. Thing with a family this size is that sometimes is takes a long time to nail down a date where everyone (or the most people possible) are able to attend. Starting 2019, though we now have a dedicated date so we won't have to worry about it anymore - everyone will know the date ahead of time and can plan accordingly!

Due to the weather the party was moved to Mother & Daddy's house last minute...we had planned to have it out at Pinecroft to be able to have hayrides and fireworks - mother nature said no! We still had a wonderful party, though!

I love this family!!
Christmas 2018

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

We had Christmas Eve at Michael's parents' house. It was a fun get together and the kids always love time spent with their cousins!!
Kubeczka Christmas

Christmas Lights

Christmas Eve Eve at Spring Baptist Church!
Christmas at SBC

Emma's Secret Santa

Emma and some of her friends got together this year and decided to do a Secret Santa! They planned this for several weeks and when they finally figured out what they wanted to do one of the other mothers and I made it happen!!

We started off with dinner at Grimaldi's (only the best brick oven pizza ever) and then hit up the waterway and the ice skating rink! They had a blast!!

I didn't get many pics, but you can tell they all had a good time!
Secret Santa

Frank's 2018 Visit

Well another visit from Frank, our elf, has come & gone! It's always fun to see where he is going to pop up from day to day and I love watching the kids wake up and immediately start looking for him, too!
Frank's 2018 Visit
See ya next year Frank!!

Monday, December 03, 2018

Emma's Rocking Chair Pictures

Cannot believe that her next Rocking Chair pic will be a TEENAGER picture! It just isn't possible that she is so grown!!! I love this tradition and hope to continue as long as they are living in my house!!
Emma 12 - Rocking Chair

Happy Happy Birthday to my Firstborn

My baby girl is 12 today - I cannot believe that at all!!! That means in just 12 short months she is going to be a TEENAGER!!! It's cliche, but time slow down please!

Emma you are such an amazing girl and I am so proud of the little lady you're becoming! I am so happy for the people in her life that show her such love and the great friends she has made! 

We had said no more "birthday parties", but we still wanted to celebrate, so a small group of gals got together and we went to Old Town Spring to the most amazing little painting place. We love going there to paint and have fun and they do all kinds of projects. For her party Emma wanted to learn how to start and create bullet journals. I wasn't sure how all the girls were going to like it, but it was such a hit! The creativity was definitely swimming around they all fed off one another's ideas for how they wanted to put their pages together! Even the next day they were talking about how they were going to use it!

Emma’s 12th Bday Party

Monday, November 26, 2018

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


We had another rainy Halloween this there weren't many pictures! But there was lots of fun! Our neighborhood is so awesome - we have so many kids and everyone is big on Halloween. Many really go all out with haunted houses and lots of decoration and, of course, candy! Even adult treats get given out! LOL
Pre-Hallween antics!
Halloween 2018