Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My Wild Boy

You know, as wild and crazy, stubborn and outspoken as my son is I truly do have to brag on him! He is the most helpful little boy I know - almost to a fault b/c at school he tries to help so much instead of doing what he's supposed to be doing I end up with a note from his teacher! LOL! She's praising him and getting him in trouble in the same sentence!! And he is generous - ask him for anything and it's yours! If he's getting something he says, "And I need one for Emma!"

And now - I have to brag about his reading. Both my kids do really well in math and Emma loves to read, too but just very recently Aaron has started reading!! Not just seeing and recognizing letters and sounds, but really putting it all together. Yesterday when I got home he and mother were snuggled up reading his library book and while she was helping him on the big words he was still sounding them out and getting pretty close. But the rest of it he was doing on his own! I was really so proud at that moment!!!
Reading with Teta! So impressed with how well Aaron is picking up reading - I think he's picked it up even faster than Emma did! #proudmommy
Yes, I am bragging about my son!!! I am a proud mommy and I'll always brag on my kids when they do something good. And you know what else? I'll punish them when they do something bad (even spank them - gasp!!) and yes I make them work at home - they both have chores. It's balance...and praise is something ALL kids need!! So tell your kids how proud you are of them and tell the world, too and see if it doesn't make your kids gleam with pride in themselves and they'll want to continue to strive for that - they'll work hard to repeat that feeling! Often times today there is too much focus on the negative - there is only punishment for the wrong doing and not enough positive over the accomplishments!! Give your kids balance!

My kids are such a blessing to me! I hope they always know that and it's my job to make sure they do!

Monday, January 25, 2016

What a great weekend!

We started off this weekend with a girls' night out - I was invited out to a friend's house for a girls' night and I took Emma along with me. We've needed some mommy/daughter time and she felt like a big girl being with all of us!!

Saturday was BEAUTIFUL and we spent a lot of time out in the backyard. We are about to start a big home project so we were getting some preliminary work done first and though the temps were low, the sun was out and there was no wind so it was amazing!! The pups definitely enjoyed the playtime, too and we even had some pretty rose blooms!!
Hellooooooo!!!! Digging up the yard earlier today and the pups lovin the weather!! ����
Sable eyeing that big paw!!! ����
That evening we met up with friends for an early dinner and then headed to Monster Jam! Their little boy is Aaron's best friend since like the age of 2, so it was awesome to get together. These two little boys don't get to spend near as much time together as they'd like! Monster Jam was fun and exciting and loud - we had a blast!!
Monster jam
Monster jam
Monster jam
Monster jam
Sunday was a very blessed day for us! My big girl was baptized Sunday and I could not be more proud or happy for her. 
Emma's baptism
Family came out to support her and after church we went out for lunch.
Emma's baptism
It was such an amazing feeling to watch her take this step in her faith and I really had a hard time containing my tears watching her stir those waters. What a joy to know that she is now my sister in Christ.
After everyone left we spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the pretty weather playing in the back yard.
This guy worked on his swing...
And this cool girl just chilled!
It was really an amazing weekend in so many ways. A great family weekend - the kind that you'll remember forever.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The fish weren't biting...

but that didn't keep us away nor keep us from having a good time! Michael had us up very early Saturday morning to go fishing. His brother and his two oldest met up with us & off we went. Honestly, I don't think any of us realized just how cold it was going to be, though - we were freezing!!! It wasn't that bad when we first arrived and the sun was coming up; however, it took a turn quickly and the clouds moved in and blocked out any sun we had. I made a run to the store and got hot chocolate for all the kids - they were pretty grateful!!
Fishing @ Burroughs
These girls were troopers, too!
Fishing @ Burroughs
Fishing @ Burroughs
We had a lot of visitors, too and after a while of no fish, the kids turned to feeding the fowl!
Fishing @ Burroughs
Fishing @ Burroughs
Fishing @ Burroughs
Fishing @ Burroughs
Well, can't way it wasn't productive because we all had fun! I mean - look at those smiles!
Fishing @ Burroughs
Fishing @ Burroughs
The rest of the day was pretty wet and dreary, but we still got out and about and enjoyed our Saturday together and capped it off with a movie - what's better than that when it's raining out!?!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year

We rang in the New Year with a how times have changed! These days ringing in the New Year with a bang means hanging out at home with your kids and friends! Many moons ago it meant something totally different! LOL I would not have it any other way now, though!

Michael was our chef - he fried up a bunch of catfish and boiled up shrimp & potatoes for us all! It was all amazing! We did get a little rain that drove us indoors, but only for a short time and we had fun playing games while we waited for our window to do fireworks!

And surprisingly everyone made it to midnight, too - we watched the ball drop in New York, then counted down the time again an hour later! Ha ha! Caught some video of the kids having their own party. I bought them some sparkling grape juice to ring in the New Year and some party poppers for midnight!
Here are just a couple other snaps I took of the evening - was too busy enjoying the company to have my camera out much honestly!! I made some yummy cocoa for everyone first - gotta keep warm while we were outside cooking & playing!
This is how we are beginning the New Year's festivities!!! Yum! #abuelitachocolate
These girls were smart - snuggled up and claimed the best spots right next to the firepit!
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
Chef hamming it up!
New Year's Eve
Great friends - they're keepers!!
New Year's Eve
Back outside after a little shower to pop fireworks!
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve fireworks! #sparkly
New Year's Eve Fireworks! Kids had a blast doing a pyrotechnics show for us!!!
It was such a great evening! And I hate to admit it, but I think I'm getting sick. I rarely get sick and I felt it coming on the past couple of days; however, I kept dismissing it as allergies. Yeah, not so much I don't think. Emma's friend spent the night with us so in the morning the kids all got up and started playing so I took advantage and slept in as long as I could. When I did get up we headed to my mom's for New Year's Day lunch - black eyed peas, cabbage,'s what you eat on New Year's Day!  Mother loaded me up on cold meds, too!
Because it's New Year's Day - that means black eyed peas, cabbage and ham! #traditions #happynewyear #resolvetohashtagmorein2016
After visiting for a while we came home - I still had to clean up the house and finish the last of the Christmas decorations. I had to un-decorate the Christmas tree. That's always a little sad. Didn't help that I am sick, made it take a while longer. By the time it took me to finish it was almost dinner time and cooking just wasn't on the menu. Emma wanted Salata, but they were closed so we decided custard sounded good - yes, we did eat dinner before our dessert! We headed to Freddy's and then hit up Redbox for some entertainment. Dinner and a movie with the best people I know! Why yes, yes my daughter was dipping her french fries in her custard - sweet & salty for the win!!
Movie night with these two, but first we have custard & French fries! Okay - we did have a burger before dessert! #Freddys #Antman

Happy New Year from the Kubeczkas!
Happy New Year from my crazy crew!!!!!!

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happenings During New Year's Staycation

I've been off since December 23rd and I have to say it's been pretty wonderful!! We had a wonderful Christmas and we've been enjoying our New Year's break at home. We've been out and about some and just having family time so I thought before my New Year's post I'd just share some of the randomness that has been our week so far!

We definitely enjoying some downtime - vegging in our PJs! Well, the kids did while I put up most of the Christmas decor and cleaned the house. The tree is the last thing still to be put up.
Christmas at church.
Christmas trees at church this morning!
Emma has turned into a Lego aficionado! She got like four sets for Christmas I think and she's done them all, plus the one we bought at Disney World that was 3-in-1, well she's done all the variations of that one, too!! My dining room has been turned into a Lego room!
Building is getting serious over here!!! She took apart the house we got in Disney and is making the winter version of it now! #legos
We had a movie night and took all the kids out!
Movie time with this wild bunch of Mileham Kids!!!
We've enjoyed game night in, too!
It's going down in the living room. The stakes...later bedtime!!! I think Soldier wants to play, too! #cornhole #fathervsson
My future DIL can thank me...Aaron had to take care of some laundry! (It's blocked by the laundry, but there is a pouty lip behind there!!!)
Oh don't feel too sorry for him, he's had a lot of playtime this week and the pups have enjoyed lots of extra attention from him being home, too! He loves his animals!
We got in our last WOD of the year this morning, too...though this picture is actually from last night, not this morning!
Tonight we're ringing in the New Year with our family and great friends!! I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!! If you're going out be careful! Here's to a wonderful 2016!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Frank 2015 - Part Two

Frank has come and gone for another year in our is the recap of the second half of his escapades!! For all 24 days he visits the magic never dulls for Emma and Aaron!
Frank 2015 Part 2
Here is to another fun and crazy year with Frank!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015: That's a Wrap

Well, another Christmas has come and gone for the Kubeczkas and I have to say it was a good one. We had a special blessing this Christmas season - my big girl made a profession of faith in church a couple weeks ago and is going to be baptized. We don't have the date yet, but I cannot wait for her. It was the best Christmas gift I could have ever received.

We celebrated many times with family - at my mother's house, at my in-laws' house, at our own house and finally with a Christmas day dinner at my niece's house! It was definitely a Christmas of memories!

Of course, many memories were captured on camera, too...and I've put them all into one post!!!!

Mother was thrilled to host Christmas for the first time in their new house and it was such a fun time. We always play the gift game and this year's theme was Made in Texas - there were some great things everyone found made in our great state! There were quite a few homemade wooden gifts as well!

My brother Riki making sure the rules were clear for everyone...there is always someone that tries to find a loop hole (wink wink my brother David)! LOL
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
Christmas @ Mom & Daddy's
The kids were very serious about their crafts, too!

Being silly with my siblings and our mama!!
Then on Christmas Eve we were at my in-laws' house to celebrate.
Christmas 2015 (24 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (13 of 195)
The kids all made out like bandits in the gift department...and they were all so grateful for everything they received. It was awesome!
Christmas 2015 (58 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (65 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (70 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (60 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (71 of 195)
After presents there was some playtime with their new toys...
Christmas 2015 (124 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (121 of 195)
And we made cookies for Santa, too! I think this might have to start being a tradition b/c honestly by the time we make it home Christmas Eve it's way to late to make cookies!
They take cookie decorating very seriously!
Christmas 2015 (103 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (105 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (117 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (114 of 195)
We made it home in time to put out our cookies for Santa and hit the hay - Aaron didn't even stay awake to put out cookies. He was passed out!! So Emma set out the cookies and milk and was out quickly thereafter, too - which was good b/c Santa had work to do that night!
Christmas 2015 (133 of 195)
The next morning Emma was the first in our room waking us up saying, "Santa came! Santa came!" They both literally had me in tears that morning with all their excitement and appreciation. Emma said, "Everything I got I wanted..." oh be still my heart!

In the midst of the mess (I honestly love the mess of wrapping paper that unfolds on Christmas morning).
Christmas 2015 (174 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (159 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (152 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (147 of 195)
Christmas 2015 (150 of 195)
 Emma got a laptop this year - she is on ours for school all the time now so we figured it was time for her to have her own. She is a pretty responsible girl, too these days!
Christmas 2015 (163 of 195)
Every year we go out for breakfast on Christmas day and the kids go in the PJs and get to take along one of their new toys. So my parents met us and then came back to our house.
Teta took on Aaron in a game of cornhole...
Christmas 2015 (182 of 195)
And my dad and I played backgammon - this is my favorite game and Michael bought me a nice set for Christmas!
Christmas 2015 (184 of 195)
For dinner my niece invited us all over to her house...we had a good dinner and ended the night with some a few games of 42! The girls were dominant over the boys - I wish I had taken a picture of the scoreboard. My niece did put it up on her fridge, though! LOL They'll get their rematch!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family as well! Now I have a nice little break - I'm off this entire week with my babies. I'll have to do some work getting my house back in order and all the decorations put back into storage, but otherwise I just plan on enjoying my time with them!