Mother's Day Weekend

Monday, May 11, 2020
We finally got to see family again after more than two months of being separated and it was wonderful that we could do it for Mother's Day Weekend!!!

My kiddos have only seen the same 7 people since we were on Spring Break back in February - it was time to see some family!! We took off Thursday night for ETx and surprised my parents! I still had to work Friday, but since I'm working remotely from home now I can basically work anywhere I have WiFi, which is wonderful for me. Sadly, where mom and dad live the better network doesn't reach, though so working from their house Friday wasn't possible. So when you're from a small town and daddy has a key to the church you simply set up your office in a Sunday School room and work from there - it was definitely a blessed work day!

Keeping up with the Kubeczkas - COvID19 Edition

Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Well, we on our 3rd week now of Shelter in Place due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Everyone who can work from home is. All business except those deemed "essential" are shut down. And homeschooling started last week with Klein ISD.

We're fine. We're all fine. It's fine.

Honestly, I have to say I don't mind working from home. I like spending time with the kids and so far we aren't at one another's throat. Michael is still going into work b/c his work cannot be done from home.

Harris County is essentially locked down until April 30th. We're all pretty much assuming that the kids are not going back to school this year. I am keeping them busy with homeschool - trying to balance that with my own job has been interesting. Unless I am on a conference call then we have to make sure they are occupied LOL! They are getting into a routine now, though and then when school is out they are kicked outside and playing till dinnertime - recess and PE all rolled into one! Their chores count as school work now - PHS class. And we try to find fun stuff for Art. Emma has been doing family stuff at night. She's turned our house into Star Cinema Grill. Cooked on the hibachi and turned the back yard into Shogun. And last night put together a scavenger hunt for Aaron. Tonight I think we're going to set up the projector outside for a drive-in (or sit-in) movie! We did go out to the country one day this weekend to get out of town for the day - it was a great time for the four of us to have some fun together outside.

Our neighborhood has been doing a lot, too - people are hiding Easter Eggs with drawings inside and painted rocks for people to find out on walks!

Spring Break - San Antonio

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
We weren't sure what we wanted to do for Spring Break and ended up getting a cute little AirBnB in San Antonio - right near downtown so we had easy access to all the fun stuff in San Antonio. My kids have never seen the Alamo and Aaron is studying Texas History needless to say he was very excited and anxious to report back everything he saw (which, he never got to do b/c of COVID-19, but that is another post).

Spring Break around the nation were a bit mellow this year b/c of the corona virus outbreak, which meant the streets weren't near as crowded and we went through the hand sanitizer and repeatedly said, "Don't touch the rails. Don't touch stuff! Wash your hands. Don't touch your face." but none of that kept us from enjoying some low key family time.   

Kreinhop Field Day & Hoe Down

Tuesday, March 10, 2020
It's hard to believe, but we only have one more of these. This was Aaron's 2nd to last Field Day or Hoe Down ever...time is just not waiting on us for anything anymore!

Aaron Turns 10 - Rocking Chair Pics

Wednesday, March 04, 2020
I love our tradition of taking the kids' pictures in Grannie's rocking chair every year on their birthday - it fun to look back on each year.

Aaron has been 10 over a week now and we just took his pictures finally! He asked me, "How do I show my age on my fingers after this year - I used them all up at 10!!" LOL

Aaron Is In Double Digits - TEN Years Old

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
It's cliche to say, but time is moving way too fast! My baby is TEN now!!!


Saturday, January 04, 2020
Last year Elizabeth got the honors of deciding the theme, food & venue for our family gathering this year! And she has set the bar so high she will be doing this from now on hopefully! Josh won it for next year, but handed it off to her at the end of the party!

The theme this year was Grinchmas! There were games and prizes and themed food and snack galore! The venue was big and spacious and just amazing!!! I think next year might be The Nightmare Before Christmas (I hope) and at Kingsley's venue in Broaddus! This one was at the fairgrounds in San Augustine! She really did an amazing job!!!

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Thursday, December 26, 2019
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day is the same each year for the Kubeczkas. We go to Michael's parents' house on Christmas Eve to celebrate with his family, then Christmas Day is just for us! We get up and see what Santa brought...go to breakfast in our pjs (which honestly, now is just Emma!), then we come home and veg together & watch Christmas movies - the kids play with their presents, then go see a movie! This year we went to see Spies in Disguise and Jessi & Clint and the girls came with us!!

In two weeks we'll head up to ETx - the first Saturday of January is the new set day for our Christmas Party on my side of the house!!
 Emma & her friends kicked off their Christmas Break with their second annual Secret Santa - Dinner at Grimaldi's and then Ice Skating!

Frank's 2019 Visit to Casa Kubeczka

This was Frank's 8th year to visit Emma & Aaron - he is a little less mischievous as he ages, I think, but still provides lots of fun on the hunt for him each day! This year he brought an Advent Calendar with an ornament each day to count day to Jesus' Birthday!

Emma Turns 13

Monday, December 09, 2019

Emma is a TEENAGER

There is no way I am old enough to have a way my little baby girl is old enough to BE a teenager. And yet, she turned 13 last week! So hard to believe. We celebrated her actual day with her favorite restaurant and then Friday night a few of her best friends came over. They went to an escape the room, then we went to a new local bakery for desserts and gifts, then back home for a slumber party! She was happy!!!!

Thanksgiving 2019

Monday, December 02, 2019
Our Thanksgiving this year was pretty low-key and that ain't a bad thing! The weekend before we had Thanksgiving in Broaddus on Saturday and had Thanksgiving at Michael's parents' house that Sunday. That meant we had no where we had to go on the actual day of Thanksgiving. I did manage to at least get a couple pics of the kids & their cousins. They were so happy to get to play with them for the afternoon!

Keeping up with the Kubeczkas

Thursday, November 07, 2019
Sometimes it is hard work - we are going in so many different directions! Volleyball & Baseball are over for now, so we're just swimming at the moment. That makes life a little easier, but it's still busy!

Deer season has started & Aaron got the first meat to refill my freezer!

Mileham Halloween

Halloween is always a fun time in our neighborhood and even with the kids getting older it's still a fun time! This year we didn't take out the trailer, but instead just walked with the kids - they are big enough now that's easier. Plus some of the kids wanted to go off on their own with friends, too. Our group is growing up y'all!


Keeping up with the Kubeczkas

Monday, October 28, 2019
The kids are through their first 9 weeks and got their fall pictures in - can't believe they are in the 7th an 4th grade now and I am about to have a TEENAGER!!!

Ohana Swim - First Meet in Lufkin

Saturday, October 12, 2019
Our first meet with Ohana was actually in ETx! We swam in Lufkin so Emma & I were able to stay with my parents and they got to see her swim a couple races! Emma did well in breast, but she didn't quite do as good in the other races. It was her very first time, though with this team and she did a 200 for the very first time, which was scary. I couldn't be more proud of her, though for making it through that race!! WOW! She will get her other times back up, though - I know that!

Baseball & Volleyball...and Swim

Thursday, October 10, 2019
That is our life right now! We have our first swim meet for Ohana coming up in Lufkin this weekend, so pictures to follow! But this past weekend and week was full of baseball & volleyball.

The girls' A Teams had a tournament at Hofius and while neither 7th or 8th grade placed, our 7th grade played better than they have all season. I didn't get to watch 8th grade, but 7th grade went to the third round beating out Klein & Kleb and just falling short to Doerre. They played amazing!!!!

And Emma played her best ever - just look at this girl!!!

Cubs vs Rockies

Tuesday, October 01, 2019
Cubs win again - 12 to 5 this time. I have to say this was not an extremely exciting game. The Rockies did not have much coming from the mound for us to even hit it was a slow game.

But those games ya just gotta chalk up to extra practice for the big ones I think!

And my favorite catcher did a great job again. He pitched one inning, too and ended up with 3Ks!!!

I do love to watch this boy play!!!

Fall Ball Starts...Finally

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Fall Ball is off to the late start b/c of Tropical Storm Imelda - our first two games were rained out, but we were finally able to play our first game last night!

Cubs won against the Reds 18-5 and my favorite catcher played an amazing game! Hit two to the outfield to help that score out and played amazing behind the plate!!

My Birthday Dinner

Monday, September 16, 2019
I turned 42 last week!! EEK! I just don't think it's possible. I mean, I am not old enough to be I??

Either way, though I had a great time! Kids & Michael took me out to dinner at Fogo de Chao - which was amazing! Kids had never been & they loved it, too.

TWolves For The Win

Thursday, September 12, 2019
Emma's second volleyball game went better than the first...though they played great the first game they didn't take the W, but this week against Klein Int they got it together and won!!

Emma started for the A Team and her serve is getting better and better! She served up like 12 in a row for points! WAY TO GO!!!

T-Wolves Volleyball

Monday, September 09, 2019
Emma had her very first volleyball game last Thursday! She did so great, too!! It was so much fun to go watch her play and I am excited for this season. They played against Strack for their first game, which is good b/c they are supposedly the best around our area and they definitely played well against them.

The B Team won 2/3 and the A Team lost (Emma is A Team). Both 8th grade teams lost, which I think they expected b/c the 8th grade Strack girls are so good.

Making Muscadine Jelly

Tuesday, September 03, 2019
Emma learned how to make muscadine jelly this weekend! We spent Labor Day weekend in ETx this weekend and one day went searching for muscadine grapevines in Zavalla. We found a bunch and Aunt Teresa gave a jelly-making lesson! Adding a little plum juice we ended up with two batches of jelly and it was soooo delicious!

Jamaica & Camping at Rayburn Park

Monday, July 29, 2019
We took off a week this month and had some much needed R&R time. The first half of the time off was mommy/daddy time in Jamaica with friends...then when we came home we took the camper up to Rayburn Park where the kids already were with Geddo & Teta! Summertime fun!!

We stayed at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica. We had some beautiful views & the pool was amazing!

Cudas Divsional Meet

Monday, June 17, 2019
I don't think I could be any more proud of my girl!!!!

Cudas Spirit Party

Sunday, June 16, 2019
The annual Cudas Shaving Cream Battle was another success last week!! The kids all looked like snow monsters again & the firemen came to clean everything up! LOL

Here are a few pictures of the event in all its white, foamy glory!!!

Cudas vs Cypresswood (Last Dual Meet)

Monday, June 10, 2019
So, this weekend was our final dual meet before Divisionals this coming weekend and Emma did wonderful! In fact, she qualified for two more strokes this weekend to swim at Trinity! She slayed on her freestyle and came in first in her heat! After her turn she was like a torpedo - I am kicking myself for not videoing that race!!! 

Cudas vs Dolphins & A Weekend in Broaddus

Thursday, May 30, 2019
Saturday we went against the Dolphins - Emma has friends that swim there as well. Sadly we came up short, but it was a close one.

Emma did very well and qualified in Breaststroke to swim at the Sprint Sizzler Invitational next week!

Metro Tournament - Astros/Dodgers Team

Monday, May 20, 2019
This past weekend was another super busy weekend - as they all seem to be! Emma declined to swim Saturday b/c she had a UIL Art Competition. We don't really know anything yet, but it was a good experience for her for sure! I'm proud of Emma for stepping up to the challenge!

Meanwhile Aaron had a 9U Metro Tournament to play in Humble. His team didn't have enough participation so four of our players were picked up by the Astros to play! This team played so awesome! They went undefeated and played Sunday evening for the Championship game! We did not get to finish the game b/c of lightening; however, no matter what happened we could only take 2nd place b/c apparently you can only pick up 3 players and the Astros picked up 4 of our players for the tournament. The opposing team had a choice to protest, which they did so there was no way we could win 1st. So, when the lightening threatened instead of waiting it out we just called the game.

These boys were definitely champions to us either way, though b/c they played some of the best baseball I've seen! I am so proud of them! Aaron had a great weekend playing and we couldn't be more proud of him for it!

Cudas vs. Jersey Village Stars

Monday, May 13, 2019
Saturday marked our first Dual Meet for the season against the Jersey Village Stars. Sadly the Cudas did not win the meet, but we still swam really well and I couldn't be more proud of Emma's performance! 

Closing out Dodgers & Starting up Cudas

Monday, May 06, 2019
This past week began playoffs for baseball. Our team was a learning team this year - we had a few boys that were playing up and probably should have been still in 8U, but even with that the 4-5 we had bringing it every week got us to playoffs!! Sadly it wasn't enough, though and we lost our first game. Aaron pitched one heck of a game again, though - he got 8Ks this time, but it still wasn't enough. He brought in the only run we had on the books, too.

Easter Weekend

Monday, April 22, 2019
The kids were off Friday and Monday for after Emma's swim practice Thursday night we headed up to ETx for the weekend! We were BUSY the entire weekend...Michael and the guys fished so much his hands were sore and he got a blister! LOL

And we couldn't have asked for better weather - it was so gorgeous all weekend. Perfect for family time! Everyone came out to Donna & John's this year, except for Riki's crew b/c they already had the Parker gather planned for that Saturday. It was still a big crowd, though and so much fun!

Girls' Trip to NY - Day 3

Tuesday, April 09, 2019
Our last day in NY was a laid back day and also very enjoyable! We met up with Elaine's friend Melissa for breakfast at a place called Egg in Brooklyn. Very good food!! Then after we had a little more than an hour to kill before we had to catch a ride back to LaGuardia. We didn't have anything planned, but I had seen Domino Park was close by when I was researching things to do in Brooklyn, so we headed over there to relax a bit.

It was another gorgeous day in NY and people were taking full advantage in the park and so did we! And what a view this park has, too. And there are new apartments in the works right by the park, too - they are going to be amazing!

The view of the Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn bridges were all awesome from the park!
NYC 2019 - Day 3

Girls' Trip to NY - Day 2

Monday, April 08, 2019
Our second day in NY was FULL!!! We left the apartment at 8AM and didn't return until 12:30AM the next day! Many miles were walked, many pictures were taken, and many memories were made! And we could not have asked for a more beautiful day either - the weather was spectacular!!!

We headed out and hit up Mountain Province Espresso Bar for caffeine and an amazing breakfast!
Emma's cocoa
NYC 2019 - Day 2

Girls' Trip to NY - Day 1

I have always thought Emma would be my travel buddy some day and we started this past weekend with a three day trip to NY with Elaine! We had such a great time and made some wonderful memories - first of many travel memories for us!

We flew in early that morning arriving just around lunchtime at LaGuardia airport - we hopped in a cab and headed to Shake Shack for lunch in Brooklyn! Emma brought a travel buddy with her, too of course!
NY 2019 - Day 1

Spring Break & George Strait

Monday, March 18, 2019
Our Spring Break this year was low key, but still awesome as always - nice and relaxing, too! The kids high-tailed it to Broaddus as fast as Teta & Geddo could get them up there...then Michael and I followed a couple days later so we were able to get in a long weekend for the break, too!

Our first morning there we headed to Lufkin and bought some crawfish to boil...I have to say I was so impressed with the size of these things up there!!! And, of course, Michael did an amazing job cooking them!

But first, you have to play with them, right??
Spring Break 2019

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Monday, March 11, 2019
We are going to the rodeo twice this year - once with the kids to see Kane Brown and then a date night for Mommy & Daddy to see George!!

Our day with the kids was so much fun - and a super full day for sure!!!

First off we hit up my favorite - the SkyRide!!
HLSR 2019

Aaron Turns 9

Wednesday, March 06, 2019
Our Annual Rocking Chair pics...I love seeing how my babies have grown sitting in Grannie's Rocking Chair!

Of course we were late taking them this year and I just had Aaron run up and sit in the chair - filthy from playing outside! But then that's my boy in his true form! LOL

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