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Happy Halloween

Halloween came and went quickly this year...mainly because we've been distracted by the Astros being in the World Series as well as we had a wet, rainy October 31st this year. None of which kept our kids from having a good time and scoring plenty of candy!!

We carved pumpkins a couple days ago...which is always fun and always messy!!! You have to really dig deep in there to get all the guts out! Emma said, "This is just so satisfying!!!" Halloween night we were uncertain if we were actually going out, but the rain didn't stop us in the end! It's our tradition to load up all the kids on the trailer and take them all over the neighborhood...this time we just added umbrellas! The kids didn't even care they got a little wet, though! The gangs all here! I'd bought all the stuff to dress Aaron up like Slappy from Goosebumps - it's what he's wanted to be for months (or a biker), but then very, very last minute he said he wanted to be Correa! Hey - who am…
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Weekend in Austin

This past weekend we went to Austin to celebrate my nephew's wedding. Aaron was also the Ring Bearer for the wedding - he was so handsome!!! The venue for the wedding was amazing. Beautiful church and then reception at Zilker Park with a spectacular view of DT Austin and even the capital building. It was a perfect wedding!

We ended up taking our camper along with my sisters and my parents all camped. We stayed a little bit outside of Austin at Krause Springs and had some amazing scenery around us...definitely a place to revisit. Everyone else had gone up earlier in the week so they had more time. Since Aaron had a game Saturday morning we headed out right after, but it limited our play time at the park.

Saturday evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. After the church we headed to NXNW brewery for a great dinner and time with family and friends and, of course, we had to watch those Astros make it to the World Series!!

Ross' friends - most of these guys I think he's…

Fall Ball is in Full Swing

We've move deep into Fall Ball and I couldn't be more excited about this team!! Our boys are playing so well and it's so great to see them all grow and develop in this sport!

I was a super proud mommy this past weekend. Aaron has been playing mostly 3rd base and he is really doing so well. He got player of the game Saturday after getting what he calls "laser throws to first" to get numerous outs! I think I got pics of at least four of them from Saturday, too!!

He graduated to a bigger bat this season, too and is working on getting the swing of it...yeah, see what I did there!?!? LOL

I think he's got it down!

They ended up in a tie on Saturday, which is actually great as we played the only other undefeated team and both teams brought their game! The defense for both was on point and it was truly one of those most exciting games we've been to...they all played great and we'll take the tie!

Good game boys!

Camping at Rayburn Park

I think this has to be one of my favorite spots to camp! It's just beautiful at this park and we always have a blast! This time we had SEVEN RVs all lined up together full of family to camp! What fun memories for our family. The kids will always remember these times!

We fished, skied, swam, cooked out, played games, had a backgammon tournament, rode bikes, watched movies outside on the side of one of the RVs, had birthday celebrations, and even had some puppies born while we were camping...and just enjoyed our family time together!

Here are a few pics from the trip - honestly, I didn't really take many pics this trip! I guess I was just more focused on being with these people!!

View of our campsite from the lake!
And the view of the lake from our camper!
And all lit up at night!
Lake Selfies!

Cheers Daddy!
Movies under the stars!
He didn't make through the movie the first night we watched one!

Chicken Fight!! I think Emma & Geddo beat me & Justin!
Isabel put toget…