Monday, October 22, 2018

Ballgames & Tutus

We had quite the busy weekend!! Friday we drove up to Austin for my nephew's wedding...we had planned to spend the weekend, but then our weekend got full with stuff going on at home. So, we got up way too early to drive home Saturday (5AM) for a 10AM football game that got cancelled! Sheesh! Then we had a 5PM birthday party for our nephew turning 10 and a 9PM birthday party for our friend turned 45! Then a double-header Sunday as the baseball fields and had to get Red Ribbon week attire in order for Monday! It was a super busy weekend!!! I am still tired.


Monday, October 01, 2018

Scorpions Spring 2018

Yesterday we had two make up games to play since we were rained out the weekend before...I almost thought we were going to get rained out again, but the fields held up so we could play! Yay!!! It started off pretty cool for game one, but by the second one we were getting a little toasty. And the mosquitoes were in full force, too - bug spray for everyone.

This weekend wasn't as victorious as last weekend, but at this level that is what's gonna happen. So it just means work harder, practice more, and get even better! This is a brand new team, too and only a few of these boys have played together before. So - next weekend will be a better one. And it wasn't for lack of playing and effort either - the boys all played great games! I was very proud of Aaron and how he played, as well as the rest of the team.

Aaron has become a great catcher - he really sees the field and is in-tune to what's happening and definitely is not afraid to send the ball when there is a steal or guard home when there is a runner coming in! I thought he'd found his home at 3rd, but that has become secondary to playing catcher now! So proud of him!
Scorpions Spring 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018

My Picasso

Emma and I had a great time today painting with friends!!! This new place we found was so much fun - I know we will go back and do many other projects now that we have found this little gem...and it's so close to home, too!!

She painted a glittery unicorn, of course...while I opted for the Tree of Love! Our friends chose two other beautiful subjects and I was so impressed with how they all turned out! We are good!!! LOL

Our little artists!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Scorpions for the WIN

So, yesterday we had make up games for the double header that was rained out last weekend. The rain missed up, but the HEAT made up for its absence for sure!

Didn't see to matter to these boys b/c they brought it - two Ws for their first games! 8 - 5 and 15 - 2 victories!

Aaron has made it home behind the plate and I am so impressed with him!! He still plays 3rd base as well and does a good job there, but I think catcher is going to be home. He really has an eye for the field and takes control! It does get hot under all that gear, though so we have to make sure in this Houston heat that he stays hydrated and cool.

He never got out yesterday and he got off a great hit yesterday right over 2nd base and into the gap. Brought in two runs with that at bat. We have a scoring app that one of the coaches is supposed to get up and running soon and I'm anxious to get it - I have a hard time keeping up with stats b/c I'm always taking pics of all the boys. The app will help me with all the details! Proud of him and all his teammates!

Scorpions Fall Ball

Monday, August 20, 2018

Back to School

Well, we are officially into the 2018-2019 school year now! And I have a 3rd Grader and a 6th Grader - which means different campuses for the first time!!!

Aaron said he isn't gonna miss Emma being on campus with him, but I kinda think that isn't really true!
First day of school. 2018-2019 3rd & 6th Grade!!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

Camping at Jamaica Beach

We had one last hurrah this past week before school gets started! We headed south to the beach and set up camp in one of our favorite spots!! Then we hit the water as soon as we were set up...could not have been more relaxing!
Camping Jamaica Beach

Monday, July 16, 2018

Annual Camping Trip to Rayburn Park

Last week was our annual camping trip to Rayburn Park! This is by far our favorite place to camp - and it's so fun b/c so much of the family is there! One of these years we are going to max it out and fill all the spots with family RVs!!!

We had beautiful weather all week - a couple summer showers that brought in just enough cloud cover! And windy enough to keep all the mosquitoes away! It was wonderful! The kids swam and dove off the diving board on the pontoon. They skied and road the knee board and the o-ragious! Emma tried skiing for the first time - and while she didn't manage to make it up and stay up, she gave a really good effort and kept trying! She'll get it sooner or later b/c she was up better and better each time this trip!

Picture overload coming your way now from our week - from iphones, my waterproof camera, and my 6D!

Michael and I bought one of the huge mats this summer and it was worth every penny - the kids had a blast!! And some of the adults, too!
Rayburn Park 2018

Monday, July 02, 2018

Wine Tasting, River Riding, Concert Watching Weekend

We had a blast on our short little adult trip out to the hill country with Steven & Jamie! It was the perfect little getaway!

Our first stop, after all the stops at Buc-cee's, which is mandatory on a Texas road trip, was at a couple wineries in Gruene! I'm a Chianti drinker, through and through, and that proved true here as well! I have to give it to Michael, not being a wine drinker, he was such a good sport about it all!
Weekend Trip to the Hill Country

Monday, June 25, 2018

VBS Game On

Last week the kids had VBS at our church! They had such a good time - and I can't believe it's Emma's last year! Well, last year as a student I guess. Next year she will be volunteering to help out with the younger kids. Hard to believe how big she is now!
VBS 2018 Game On